May 25th, 2017

Contact: Colston Reid ([email protected])
Brown Flips Positions, Opens Door for North Jersey Casinos 
At a gaming conference today, Assemblyman Chris Brown expressed his willingness to consider future North Jersey casinos  

(Atlantic City, NJ) -- Today, Assemblyman Chris Brown told the crowd at the East Coast Gaming Congress that future North Jersey casinos could be a possibility for the state. Brown, who has made his alleged opposition to North Jersey casinos central to his platform, has now completely reversed his position and is willing to sell out his constituents.

Colin Bell, Democratic candidate for State Senate in Atlantic County, immediately came to the defense of Atlantic City.

"Supporting North Jersey casinos, whether today or in the future, is unacceptable and is a slap in the face to Atlantic City," said Bell. "Through hardwork and sacrifice, our community is finally showing economic growth and the future is bright. We have new resorts and businesses opening up, and jobs are beginning to come back. Brown's support for future North Jersey casinos put this momentum in jeopardy and paints a dark future for Atlantic City."

"Between Chris Brown's willingness to raise taxes on our largest employers and his new support for the expansion of the gaming industry in North Jersey, Brown doesn't seem to care at all about the future of this region. "

When asked about the potential for North Jersey casinos, Assemblyman Brown supported considering the idea of future expansion, reversing his previous position of complete opposition to the idea. He answered that the state could learn a lesson from Las Vegas, who had to diversify their economy to compete with outside gaming saying, "When Atlantic City gets there, we will be in a position where we can survive and compete with other gaming within the state."