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The History of an Old-Established Salzburg Inn and Brewery

In the middle of Salzburg's Old Town stands the extensive restaurant complex of the Sternbräu. One of the town's oldest catering institutions, this hostelry has been welcoming guests for over 472 years. Against the background of Salzburg's social, political and economic developments, Gerhard Ammerer and Harald Waitzbauer relate in vivid detail the vicissitudes of the old inn and brewery. Taking the Sternbräu as an example, this copiously illustrated volume describes the history of the catering industry in Salzburg through the ages. The authors give an account of moments of glory and disastrous bankruptcies; they tell of dances attended by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and trace the history from the first electric lighting in a Salzburg open-air restaurant in 1888, through the development of the Sternbräu into a major restaurant complex in the 20th century.

Verlag Anton Pustet
Gazprom City
Edited by  Sophie Panzer , Edited by  Christina Simmel

'If you're at home and you want to make yourself a nice cup of coffee in the morning, and you turn on the stove but there is no gas, then you know that something must have happened in Novy Urengoy.' What connects Europe to a city in the polar circle? The Gazprom company exploits the gas fields around Novy Urengoy. More than half of the natural gas extracted in Russia is produced there. A substantial portion of this gas is exported to European countries. Gazprom City-a report about life at the other end of the gas pipeline.

Schlebrugge Editor

Alvar Aalto Library in Vyborg - Saving a Modern Masterpiece, Part 2
Edited by 
Eric Adlercreutz, Edited by  Maija Kairamo, Edited by  Tapani Mustonen

On its completion in 1935, Alvar Aalto's library in Vyborg was regarded as one of the most significant functionalist buildings of its time. The restoration of the library, which had been in a state of neglect for a long time, began in 1994 and was completed in 2013. The restoration work has since received several awards for the exceptionally high-quality result and the laudable international cooperation. 

Rakennustieto Publishing

TYIN Tegnestue Architects

The book aims to show a selection of TYIN's projects in Southeast Asia and other recent ones in Norway-- projects that reflect the four core values of their practice: material, structure, detail and human. These concepts materialize in handicraft, recycling, experimentation with new materials and the most practical and logical simplicity.

By Architect Publications

Integrated Urban Agriculture
Precedents, Practices, Prospects
Edited by  Robert L. France

Intended as a "one stop shop" of a veritable who's who of leading urban agriculture authors and scholars, this book brings together seventeen contributions on the design, development, science, and society of the rapidly expanding, multi-disciplinary field.

Libri Publishing

Preserving Multifamily Workforce and Affordable Housing
New Approaches for Investing in a Vital National Asset

Increasingly, workers such as teachers, firefighters, retail managers, and nurses are unable to find affordable housing in the communities where they work. This comprehensive book describes the problem, includes case studies, and examples of financially feasibile for-profit developments and provides a toolkit of public and private programs that are being used to encourage the development of housing for the workforce. 

Urban Land Institute
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