The most heartbreaking aspect of Gordie Bailey's death from alcohol overdose in 2004 was that it was entirely preventable. Opportunities to intervene existed at many points throughout that September night (and the days prior). The fraternity members choosing the pledge activity could have spoken out against hazing and decided on a safer activity. A sober monitor could have been in attendance at the fraternity event to ensure safety. A fraternity member or fellow pledge could have stayed with Gordie or called 911 when he became unresponsive. The impact of bystander intervention cannot be overstated--Gordie Bailey would still be alive had someone intervened on his behalf, as would many other students nationwide who have been lost to hazing and alcohol or other drug overdose. T he University of Arizona created the Step Up! Bystander Intervention Program in collaboration with the Gordie Center, the National Collegiate Athletics Association and the BACCHUS Peer Education Network to help students be empowered to make life-saving interventions.
Step UP! is a Prosocial Behavior/ Bystander Intervention Program

In a problematic situation, 9 out of 10 students believe issues could be avoided if someone intervened. Why do these problems persist imost people agree that problems could be avoided?  The Step UP! program is designed to help students learn strategies and techniques to intervene both directly and indirectly in both emergency and non-emergency situations. The program contains support materials to address a wide-range of issues including academic integrity , alcohol abuse , anger , depression , discrimination , disordered eating , gambling , hazing , relationship abuse , and sexual assault . Step UP! provides a framework for engaging students to become active bystanders by explaining the bystander effect , reviewing relevant research , and teaching successful skills for intervention . Step UP! is used by athletics, Greek life, student affairs, campus health, violence prevention centers, residence life, and many others on hundreds of colleges, high schools, universities, and organizations nationwide. Simply participating in a bystander intervention training like Step UP! makes you more likely to intervene, and can help prevent tragedies like Gordie's. Step UP! is free and endorsed by the NCAA--visit the Step UP! website to learn more about how to bring this program to your campus and community.
Gordie Center Ideas and Updates
Step UP! Executive Board Members: UC Irvine's Doug Everhart, the NCAA's Mary Wilfert, and Gordie Center Director Susie Bruce
  Step UP! National Facilitator Training
Gordie Center Director Susie Bruce traveled to California May 16-17 as a presenter at the national Step UP! Bystander Intervention Program Facilitator Training. Susie and the other Executive and Advisory Board members taught 150 athletics staff, students, and student affairs staff how to create a sustainable and powerful bystander intervention program on their campus.

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The Gordie Center staff will be busy this summer--working on long-term projects, planning for the next academic year, and going on the road to spread Gordie's lifesaving message. We look forward to updating you on our efforts--stay tuned to hear about Jill's trip next week to New York to present HAZE at New York area high schools!

Until next month,

Susie Bruce,  Director, Gordie Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
Jill Maurer,  National Development & Program Coordinator
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