"Nee Pour Orneer Une Coronne"  
"Born to Adorn a Crown"

April 2015
Young bride in wedding dress in the outdoors in a field of blossoming Lavender in the summer.

Who is That Woman in the Mirror Impersonating Me? 

There comes a time in a woman's life when, sadly, she begins to avoid the mirror. Preparing for a day can be a dodgy affair since getting ready in the morning typically involves a looking glass. I know.

Lately I've been holding my eyelids up to put on eyeshadow and doing a lot more creative contouring to maneuver around what looks like the middle of my face collapsing. Closeup photo of bunch of lavender reflecting in provance styled mirror Every woman can say, "The inner me is  younger feeling and acting than the outer me appears."  When I looked in the mirror last week and saw the hands of time swirling around my face at hyperspeed I stomped my feet and said, "No! This will not abide! That old woman staring back from the mirror is impersonating me and I will put a stop to this!"

Luckily for me I had a scheduled  appointment with Grant W. Heinz, MD this morning for a little consult and after he listened to my whining for awhile, he had some surprising ideas.  Nothing drastic, not a facelift. Just open up eyes, check. Fill out the cheeks, check. Trim the chin, check.

The idea of doing micro procedures to create a more natural outcome. I like it. I feel better already. I bought a new lipstick to celebrate. I went on a diet.  I'm feeling a Spring Fever coming on!

romantic portrait of beautiful woman on the lavender field  
Dr. Grant Heinz, M.D. 
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Brow & Forehead Lifts
Chin & Cheek Implants
Non Surgical Facelift 
Dermal Fillers & Botox
Vampire Facelift

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Vi Esthetica Center for Aesthetic Arts
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 These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
by Katherine Kahoun, CMA, CPCT        
My friends and clients continually ask me how I get my foundation to look perfect and stay perfect all day long, and why my eye makeup never creases! Well here's my Must Have beauty products that guarantee you   long lasting makeup every time.  They are all available at MAC.
After cleansing my face I apply my eye creams with MAC's Fast Response Eye Cre am being the last one on top.  This product decreases puffiness and tightens those fine lines around the eyes.

Next I apply my skin care products followed by sunscreen (Coola Mineral Matte SPF 30 - see my blog for more about this fantastic sunscreen).  MAC Strobe Cream goes on last. This gives the skin a magnificent luminous glow and the necessary moisture for foundation and concealer to go on smoothly.

TIP: I only buy the travel size because it's a better deal.

After the Strobe Cream I apply my foundation followed by concealer and then set with loose finishing powder. Next, I use my powder contour kit, apply my blush and shape/fill my brows. Then I highlight underneath my brows, and apply MAC Paint Pot in Painterly all over my eyelid as my eyeshadow primer. You will want to have your eyeshadow picked out and ready to go as soon as you're done with the primer as it starts to set right away. (The Paint Pots also come in a variety of colors and finishes and can even be used alone as eyeshadows. They are definitely some of the best eyeshadow primers I've found.)

After I've finished applying all my makeup including lipstick and lashes if desired, I close my eyes and spray my entire face 2-3 times with MAC Fix + Spray. This sets my makeup for the perfect finishing touch. It's honestly AMAZING and all my clients absolutely love it as well!
So now you have it, all my favorite makeup primers and my insider tricks for application. I know it seems like a lot of steps but cross my heart each one takes a minute or less to apply! And if you're still feeling a little confused or overwhelmed by this information, did you know that besides makeup application I also do personal makeup shopping as well as individual and group makeup lessons? Please don't hesitate to contact me with any of your beauty needs at katiekahoun@gmail.com or 480-703-0267.  I hope you've enjoyed my fave primers article. Stay tuned for more of my MUST HAVE beauty products coming soon in my future blogs.





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April Annual Special Saving s!
a pile of lavender flowers and a dropper bottle with lavender essence

Bedroom Eyes 
Deeply Moisturize the under eye tissue with this silky vitamin enhanced micro emulsion.  This ultra light fluid treats the delicate area with rich extracts and oils to soothe and brighten the fragile skin, restoring elasticity, smoothing fine lines, banishing dryness and minimizing puffiness.   
Regularly $72 Sale Price $57

Pearl Necklace Restorative Throat & Décolletage Creme 
This nutrient rich creme, containing revolutionary peptides, reconstructs the vital connection between the epidermis and dermis through the stimulation of Collagen Type I and Elastin.  Continued use contours the delicate tissue of the throat and décolletage.  The skin is nourished & regenerated from within to a younger silhouette.
Reg $66 Sale Price $52

FREE 8 oz bottle of Cherry Vanilla Body Lotion  
for All Product Purchases Over $100 in April!

Cherry Vanilla Body Lotion, luxuriously rich yet lightweight, is formulated with sweet almond and avocado oils and enriched with vitamins A and E.  Soothes the senses as it relieves dryness while gently caressing the skin with the soft scent of ripe cherries and vanilla.  Absorbs immediately without sticky residue.

April Showers You with Special Savings!

This Spring  make a commitment to your beauty with a Series.   Buying up front reduces your treatment fees considerably.  Buying five treatments in advance and gets you six treatments over a 12 month period.  That's a savings of $175!  Series clients are serious clients.  They are resolved to take care of themselves, just like going to the gym and eating right, regular skin care from a professional steps up your skin care home regimen. 
Series are available for
the face cream in a glass bank
Customized Treatments as well as Collagen Induction Therapy Treatments
My recommendation is to alternate these two treatments for incredible anti-aging results!
Series of Six Customized Facial Treatments for the price of Five  $875

Series of Six Fractional Collagen Induction Therapies (Microneedling) $1750* These Treatments include Dermaplaning or Light Micro Peel, Topical Anesthesia and Masque.

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Spread the Word for the Sake of Our Children

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It is difficult as a mother to conceive of innoculating your child against HPV when they still seem young and innocent. Yet the alternatives to declining this immunity to our girls and boys show grim statistics: Currently  26 million girls aged 12 years and younger live in the U.S. If none of these girls are vaccinated, data from mathematical models suggest that:
  • 168,400 will develop cervical cancer and 54,100 will die from cervical cancer
  • Vaccinating 30% of these girls would prevent 45,500 of these cases and 14,600 deaths
  • However, increasing the vaccination rate to 80% would prevent 98,800 cases and 31,700 deaths
  • For each year we stay at 30% coverage instead of achieving 80%, 4,400 future cervical cancer cases and 1,400 cervical cancer deaths will occur
  • Not vaccinating means leaving more girls and boys exposed to potential HPV cancers in the future


One person gets cancer from HPV infection every twenty minutes.


The three vaccines for immunity should be administered to both boys and girls at the ages of 11 to 12, when the natural immune response is highest and before sexual activity begins.  


Spread the word.  Go the the website listed and find a local screening of the documentary on HPV entitled Someone You Love.  



Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic 
Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic
Katherine Alexandra Kahoun,
Certified Makeup Artist, Board Certified Derma Technician

Katherine Alexandra Kahoun was born in Arizona and moved to California after High School for Advanced Cosmetic and Makeup Education at MakeUp Designory (MUD) located in Burbank.  There she received her Certification in Beauty Makeup Artistry in 2002. Following graduation, she  enrolled  in the  American Institute of Permanent Color Technology (AIPCT) located in Tustin.  There she  received the Board of Regents Certification after completing the Micro-Theory Demographics Course. She was awarded  the title Derma Technician in 2003. Successfully passing the CPCT (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Technician) Certification Examination through the Review Board of the Allied Health Association (AHA), Katherine is certified as a credentialed  Certified Permanent Cosmetic Technician (CPCT).  (Currently no such training or credential exists in Arizona or most other states.) After returning to Arizona in mid-2003, she started her business, Katherine Alexandra Makeup and has been growing ever since.


Katherine offers a wide range of services in the Beauty  Makeup Industry. Her makeup look specialties vary  from Natural to Elegant, and  Glamour to Fantasy, perfected  for anyone wanting to enhance their innate beauty. (Modeling, Runway, Weddings, Engagements, Senior Pictures, Prom, Parties, Bat Mitzvahs, Events, Headshots, Print, Film, etc.) Prices start at around $40 for women and $15 for men and vary based on event, location, dry runs and makeup style.  Services available for Permanent Makeup are Lash Enhancement (Natural Look), Eyeliner (Upper and Lower), Eyebrows (Strokes and Solid), Lip Liner and/or Full Lips and Beauty Marks. Prices are listed on the Permanent Makeup Page of her website.    


Katherine holds Makeup Classes for groups and one on one learning sessions. New events and Classes are regularly posted through her social media sites and her website. Additionally she offers services as a  professional makeup shopper. Contact her for a quote on a particular event, more information or to schedule an appointment. Information is available on her website, www.KatherineAlexandraMakeup.com You can also follow her in the Social Sites listed below and with Instagram at  http://instagram.com/katherine_alexandra_.

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Cheryl Bryant Rushing , Licensed Esthetician, Editor
Cheryl Bryant-Rushing graduated from the first aesthetics program in the state of Arizona in 1986. After completing several advanced training programs and working in one of the first esthetic salons in Scottsdale/Phoenix, Cheryl launched her own business in 1990 after the publication of her first newsletter about beauty and skin care, Isis Risen. She currently writes at www.myestheticiansblog.com.  Her clientele is through referrel only.

* Publisher Bryant Rushing Monthly Newsletter
* Former Publisher Monthly Newsletter Arizona Skin Research & Isis Risen
* Former editor of American Society of Esthetic Medicine Report
* Former columnist on skincare
* Freelance writer for aesthetic trade journals
* President, Gray Dawn Inc dba Bryant Rushing Beauty
* Developer of Bryant Rushing Advanced Recovery Skin Care Products
* Clinical Esthetic Specialist Anti-Aging and Acne
* Speaker and Educator Aesthetic Procedures, Practices and Business


* Dry Exfoliation for Aging Skin/Proprietory Procedure for treating photo-aged skin
* Medical and Esthetic Alliance Advantages outside the Medical Clinic Environment
* Dynamics and Histology of the Skin, It's Dual Respiratory/Eliminatory Functions
* Dry Exfoliation for Aging Skin

Cheryl Bryant-Rushing


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