"Nee Pour Orneer Une Coronne"
Born to Adorn a Crown

February 2015
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Special Valentine's Gift 
And Now
. . . from my sleeve I pull out some of my
Secret Beauty Tricks!
SOAP Sometimes you just feel like you need soap.  You know, a bar of soap.  The liquid or creamy cleansers just aren't cutting it and you're feeling old-schooled and needing to bubble up.  STOP! Not all soaps are created equal!  First of all, most soaps are alkaline which is the exact opposite pH of the nice little protective acid mantel on your skin. This means using soap strips that off, leaving the skin exposed and fragile to assault. There is one soap y ou can safely use that is perfect for all skin types and doesn't strip the pH balance of the skin.  It has been my go to  bar soap since 1972 and though I only use it on my face a few times a month, I will use it as my body bar during those dry winter months. My husband uses my Virtuously Clean Cleanser at night to shave (provides an incredibly close shave!) and cleanse his face and uses the Natural Beauty Cleansing Bar in the morning with the buffing pad. You'll fall in love with the pretty smell, You'll wish it had a matching body lotion. 


Beauty Cleansing Bar Nature's Plus 3.5 oz Bar
by Nature's Plus
List Price: $4.99
Our Price: $3.59
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What if I told you there was a cosmetic eye drops  that's been a makeup artist trick for models and movie stars for years?   It is a refreshing, blue tinted eye drops imported from France by the Laboratorie Leurquin Mediolanum.  Collyre Bleu Laiter removes red and yellow from the whites of the eyes, deepens blue eyes and brightens brown, green and hazel eyes.  Place 1 - 2 drops in each eye, close and wait preferably fifteen minutes for the magic to work.  The drops are  soothing, hydrating (great for dry eyes!!) and refreshing, making  the eyes bright and sparkly with that sweet milky baby eyes whiteness, taking years off the face. Do not use with soft contact lenses as it may tint them.   Make sure you get the original formula (the link is it.)  Don't confuse it with the brands Verseo or Innoxa. Biocodex imports for Leurquin under the French label  as does the Canadian GSP importer, the English label version. PS For special occasions, I use Visine? before Collyre Blue Laiter for some extra sparkle!

Original Laiter Collyre Bleu Eye Drops 10 Ml - French
by Laiter
Health and Beauty
List Price: $35.99
Our Price: $25.99
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My adventure with makeup  began the day after Valentine's day, 1963. My mother had given my father an English Leather grooming kit consisting of three products: after shave, deodorant and a skin colored talcum powder. I retrieved the talc my father discarded, bought a powder puff and used that as a foundation until my Mother said I could wear makeup.   My first foundation was Revlon's Touch and Glo which had the most addictive smell.  I simply couldn't wait to get it on.  I loved the look of a perfect canvas from which to finish my other makeup. Through the years finding the perfect foundation became my cosmetic holy grail.  What are the measurements for such a lofty product? A perfectly lightweight foundation that went on easily, covered beautifully, smelled wonderful, stayed on all day long and gave  a luminous finish to your complexion. Only one has stood the test of time.  Since 1967, Alexandra de Markoff, Countess Isserlyn has been my absolute foundation favorite.  I originally purchased it in Diamond's Department Store (now Dillard's) in Phoenix,  later I stumbled upon it in Joseph Magnin in San Francisco. After an intense search, I snagged it again at the Saks Fifth Avenue, Scottsdale Store in the '80s until Saks stopped carrying it.  For years I couldn't locate it until recently when it occurred to me to search the internet. So if you are interested in trying the foundation formulated for the movie stars of the 1920's, a foundation that will make you the envy of your friends, check out Alexandra de Markoff, Countess Isserlyn  at these links.     It's a bit of a quest to find your color (you can buy samples before you buy) but I absolutely guarantee you will be astonished by this magical foundation!   I have never tried the later creme formula nor the matte, I prefer the original "Shake and Spank" fluid with the stir stick.  Lightweight and delicate going on, its perfect yet sheer coverage will make you feel like a Countess. The prices are around $55.  Here's three links to help you shop for it:
Your Cosmetics.com                          
Li Boutique.com
B Loftin Cosmetics




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by Katherine Alexandra Kahoun, CMA, CPCT
So I did find you, and, as promised, I will fix your brows!  This tutorial focuse s more on filling out thinner eyebrows with less hair; but the same techniques can be used for sculpting a fuller brow and anything in between. I always receive such awesome compliments on my eyebrows and am constantly asked for directions on how to create them at home so at last I'm sharing my secret!  I'll admit the first time I tried this on myself I saw  Frida Kahlo looking back at me in the mirror; but after a little practice I was able to perfect the look, keeping the size and shape of my eyes and face in mind to provide the perfect dimension as accent for my eyes. I'm a firm believer in practice makes perfect and that little axoim is essentially true for doing your own makeup. Makeup is an art; but anyone can become their own makeup artist with the right instruction, tools and a few techniques.    
Believe me, I have tried
everything to shape the brows:  Brow kits, pencils, powders, gels, you name it.  Therefore you'll be astonished to find out my virtual favorite brow tool of all time is the pencil, Maybelline Expert Wear in the shade color Blonde.   It's super cheap and comes with two  pencils in each package for a sweet  deal.  Maybelline has other shades; but honestly I have used Blonde with all the shades of hair color I have been, which is quite a lot: blonde, pink (yup), Purple Tips, my Mom loved this one, Bleached with Black underneath (remember that??!!), Red, Brown and Auburn. hahaha! Bottom Line, this is one versatile shade! 

Recen tly I've been incorporating a MAC pencil too and I'm starting to really like it as well.  The pencil is called Veluxe Brow Liner and the shades I've been using on myself are Strawberry Blonde and Redhead.  There are five shades in all and they glide on with ease.  They also have a spiral brush on the opposite end to enhance blending.  Something else you might look into while you're at the MAC counter is the  amazing eyebrow brush  called Linear 1 Brush.  This baby is a multi-use tool that can be used on eyebrows, especially for tapering the ends of the eyebrow, for eyeliner and even as a lip liner brush.  Believe me, this is a makeup lover's must have tool!  While you're at it, check out the MAC highlighters for underneath the brows.  A few of my favorite colors are Ricepaper, Nylon, Dazzlelight and Brule.

Last but not least, while doing makeovers I am consistently correcting the arch on women's brows.  Take a peak at the photo tutorial  and you'll see  my  easy rule of thumb.  The arch begins at the inner edge  of the iris and peaks at the outer edge of the iris.  Hold a pencil next to your nose and up to the outside of your eye. There's where your eyebrow tapers out and stops. Period.  Don't over think this process.  Your brow bone and irises will guide you through the  process of my perfect eyebrow technique. So grab your tools and have some fun creating your own stunning brows. ;0) 
As always please feel free to ask me any questions by shooting me an email at katiekahoun@gmail.com or by contacting me through my website, http://www.KatherineAlexandraMakeup.com  I look forward to sharing more make up tips with you in future newsletters.  In the meantime, check out My Blog for fun ideas and makeup tips!




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Believing the Unbelievable 
Choosing life for ourselves and our children

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Only a little over half of American girls receive the HPV vaccines at the recommended age according to a recent study by the CDC.  Oncogenic  Human Papillomavirus is responsible for nearly all cases of cervical cancer as well as vulvar, vaginal, penile, anal, oropharyngeal cancers and genital warts. Though this may make you squeamish, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention highly recommends that parents and health care providers learn  the importance of early HPV vaccination. The three-dose vaccine protects against 70 percent of cervical cancers and 90 percent of genital warts and is most effective before sexual activity begins.

The CDC emphasizes the three-dose HPV vaccine be administered to both boys and girls at about 11 or 12 years old.  Since risks of HPV infection increases significantly for every year between the ages of 14 and 24 years old, vaccination at an early age is very important. 

Research is uncertain how effective the vaccine is when administered after the age of 12.  Remembering that HPV infection is a primary cause of cervical cancer, with more than a quarter of a million women worldwide dying a year from it, let's not as mothers stick our heads in the sand about the HPV epidemic. HPV is not only about who one slept with, it is who the partner slept with as well.  For those who missed the window for HPV vaccinations, it is imperative to to be mindful of your risks  with  annual PAP smears and HPV screening.






Invest in Your Beauty
Love your Face

This February why not make a commitment to your skin's health and complexion beauty with a Series?  Buying up front reduces your treatment considerably.  Buy five treatments in advance, get six over a 12 month period.  That's a savings of $175!  Series clients are serious clients.  They are resolved to take care of themselves, just like going to the gym and eating right, regular skin care from a professional steps up your skin care home regimen. 
Series are available for
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Customized Treatments as well as Collagen Induction Therapy Treatments
My recommendation is to alternate these two treatments for incredible anti-aging results!
Series of Six for the price of Five Customized Treatments  $875

Series of Six for the price of Five Collagen Induction Therapy (Micro Needling) Treatments $1750*

*Treatments include Dermaplaning or Chemical Exfoliation, Topical Anesthesia and Masque

February Special Saving s!

Silk Lingerie
 the Heart shaped tree in the meadow lusciously light and fluffy deep moisturizer for dry or dehydrated skin is reduced 20% during February. Regularly $69 for 2 oz, it's now on sale for $55 while supply lasts.  Do you have fine lines and crepiness, dehydrated looking texture or that taut feeling? Then Silk Lingerie might be the right creme for you. 

expires February 28, 2015

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Dr. Grant Heinz, M.D. 
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Katherine Alexandra Kahoun, C ertified Makeup Artist, Board Certified Derma Technician

Katherine Alexandra Kahoun was born in Arizona and moved to California after High School for Advanced Cosmetic and Makeup Education at MakeUp Designory (MUD) located in Burbank.  There she received her Certification in Beauty Makeup Artistry in 2002. Following graduation, she  enrolled  in the  American Institute of Permanent Color Technology (AIPCT) located in Tustin.  There she  received the Board of Regents Certification after completing the Micro-Theory Demographics Course. She was awarded  the title Derma Technician in 2003. Successfully passing the CPCT (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Technician) Certification Examination through the Review Board of the Allied Health Association (AHA), Katherine is certified as a credentialed  Certified Permanent Cosmetic Technician (CPCT).  (Currently no such training or credential exists in Arizona or most other states.) After returning to Arizona in mid-2003, she started her business, Katherine Alexandra Makeup and has been growing ever since.


Katherine offers a wide range of services in the Beauty  Makeup Industry. Her makeup look specialties vary  from Natural to Elegant, and  Glamour to Fantasy, perfected  for anyone wanting to enhance their innate beauty. (Modeling, Runway, Weddings, Engagements, Senior Pictures, Prom, Parties, Bat Mitzvahs, Events, Headshots, Print, Film, etc.) Prices start at around $40 for women and $15 for men and vary based on event, location, dry runs and makeup style.  Services available for Permanent Makeup are Lash Enhancement (Natural Look), Eyeliner (Upper and Lower), Eyebrows (Strokes and Solid), Lip Liner and/or Full Lips and Beauty Marks. Prices are listed on the Permanent Makeup Page of her website.    


Katherine holds Makeup Classes for groups and one on one learning sessions. New events and Classes are regularly posted through her social media sites and her website. Additionally she offers services as a  professional makeup shopper. Contact her for a quote on a particular event, more information or to schedule an appointment. Information is available on her website, www.KatherineAlexandraMakeup.com You can also follow her in the Social Sites listed below and with Instagram at  http://instagram.com/katherine_alexandra_.

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Cheryl Bryant Rushing, Licensed Esthetician, Editor
Cheryl Bryant-Rushing graduated from the first aesthetics program in the state of Arizona in 1986. After completing several advanced training programs and working in one of the first esthetic salons in Scottsdale/Phoenix, Cheryl launched her own business in 1990 after the publication of her first newsletter about beauty and skin care, Isis Risen. She currently writes at www.myestheticiansblog.com.  Her clientele is through referrel only.

* Publisher Bryant Rushing Monthly Newsletter
* Former Publisher Monthly Newsletter Arizona Skin Research & Isis Risen
* Former editor of American Society of Esthetic Medicine Report
* Former columnist on skincare
* Freelance writer for aesthetic trade journals
* President, Gray Dawn Inc dba Bryant Rushing Beauty
* Developer of Bryant Rushing Advanced Recovery Skin Care Products
* Clinical Esthetic Specialist Anti-Aging and Acne
* Speaker and Educator Aesthetic Procedures, Practices and Business


* Dry Exfoliation for Aging Skin/Proprietory Procedure for treating photo-aged skin
* Medical and Esthetic Alliance Advantages outside the Medical Clinic Environment
* Dynamics and Histology of the Skin, It's Dual Respiratory/Eliminatory Functions
* Dry Exfoliation for Aging Skin

Cheryl Bryant-Rushing


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