"Nee Pour Orneer Une Coronne"

January 2015
January is National Cervical Health Awareness Month

According to the World Health Organization, 85% of the more than 270,000 women that die from cervical cancer every year are from low and middle-income countries. It is the 2nd leading cancer for women with over 530,000 new cases every year.  This is an article whose content sits close to my heart. Those who  subscribe to my Blog, www.myestheticiansblog.com can read about My Amazing Daughter and her fight for life five years ago after a diagnosis of Stage 3 cervical cancer. You may therefore understand why I am drawing attention to National Cervical Health Awareness this month. That's not the only reason.  Many clients tell me they go years between female gynecological check ups.   This is insane to me.  My mother had cervical cancer and a complete hysterectomy at age 29. I had radical laser surgery for pre-cancerous cells when I was 34. My daughter was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 26. Unusual PAP results are not an annoyance.  They are a warning.  In Katie's case, her regularly scheduled PAP smear came two months early from a change in her insurance carrier.  Ten months earlier she had been a healthy young woman.  Within the week she was in chemo and radiation (both internal and external) treatment.  It was during  this time that I subscribed to the National Cervical Cancer Coalition newsletter in order to keep up with the breakthroughs in treating  cervical cancers.

The following video is the story of Michele Baldwin, Lady Ganga, who after diagnosed with late stage  cervical cancer,  determined  to make a stand in hopes of increasing  worldwide awareness of  HPV and cervical cancer.  By the way, women are not the only ones who get HPV cancer. Considering many of us survived the sixties, seventies and eighties, due vigilance is common sense. In fact, having just one sexual partner puts you at risk. It is recommended you be checked for HPV once a year, regardless of your sexual history. This is a disease that can hide for years and strike with little to no symptoms. Michele Baldwin's story is  stunning, inspiring and heartbreaking. Caution is advised.   I hope you will chose to watch  and forward to friends and family.  Caring is more than sharing.  It could save your daughter's or your mother's life. Consider making a donation to the National Cervical Cancer Coalition Arizona Chapter, which is sorely underfunded. Or to the  Lady Ganga Project whose goal is to provide Michele's story in 50 languages to 5 billion people. Here's a chance to Make a Difference.

Lady Ganga 
Lady Ganga
Doing Makeup Just Comes Naturally  


Hi, my name is Katherine Alexandra Kahoun and I'm a Certified Beauty Makeup Artist and Board Certified Permanent Makeup Artist. I'm currently working in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I'm also Cheryl Bryant Rushing's daughter and a survivor of Stage 3 cervical cancer. 


I've always had a passion for makeup. Born with a Port Wine Stain Birthmark (also known as a Permanent Birthmark or PWS) that covers � of my face, my interest in makeup began at a very early age. My mom tells me I was two or three years old when, watching her apply makeup, I asked if I could put makeup on and play too. The first thing I did was cover my birthmark.  I fell in love with make up that day and how it made me feel. Yes, I know I was young; but every woman knows beauty is a feeling, not an age. Young or old, when you trade self-consciousness for self-confidence,  you take control of your life.

Around the age of  twelve years old, every day after school I would come home and go through magazines, cutting  out
pictures of models whose makeup I  liked and try to duplicate it on myself.
After completing one look I would try another and did this repeatedly for several  hours every day. By the time I was 16 I was highly accomplished, doing my friends' makeups as well as my own. Going to work with my Mom, my passion increased as the world of makeup opened up never before dreamed up opportunities.  
It wasn't just that it made me feel beau tiful; it gave me the confidence I lacked to build se lf-esteem I never developed from growing up looking different than other girls.  Growing up having people stare at me made my life at times nearly unbearable.  But looking back I wouldn't change one thing.  I  learned to develop resources uncommon at such a young age and I can truly say that being able to wear makeup has given me the dignity to not care what others think when I don't.   

Five years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 3 cervical cancer. Within a week I was in chemotherapy and radiation.  I lost my ability to have children as well as all of my natural hormones and was suddenly, at age 26, in menopause. In less than two months I was nearly suicidal. It was then I heard a voice within me that said I had been given a great gift.  I looked around and saw women in the chemo rooms whom I knew would be encouraged by a bit of makeup.  Not really the makeup, you see, but the tenderness and loving touch that goes into giving a woman back her dignity and femininity with a few pretty colors on her face.  This is my mission in life now, to change the face of female cancer treatment into a "Red Tent" of survival.  

I love my life and I  love sharin g my talents with others!  To see someone's self-confidence an d attitude change in my hands is truly a gift.     

I'm  working on my idea whereby makeup application could be provided free of charge to women  undergoing chemotherapy and radiation through an as yet to be determined business model.  I'd like to see it  nationwide, perhaps even worldwide.   In addition to keeping busy with all kinds of makeup as well as permanent make up application, I am designing what I would like my own cosmetic line to look like. I love to share my story with others.  If you have any nonprofit events or speaking opportunities where my story might benefit others, please contact me.  Contact information is below.  I look forward to sharing some beauty ideas with you  in the coming months!  (In the meantime, you can find ongoing beauty ideas and tips on my website under the Blog page.)   





Curriculum Vitae  


Katherine Alexandra Kahoun was born in Arizona and moved to California after High School for Advanced Cosmetic and Makeup Education at MakeUp Designory (MUD) located in Burbank.  There she received the Certification in Beauty Makeup Artistry in 2002. Following graduation, she  enrolled  in the  American Institute of Permanent Color Technology (AIPCT) located in Tustin.  There she  received the Board of Regents Certification after completing the Micro-Theory Demographics Course. She was awarded  the title Derma Technician in 2003. Successfully passing the CPCT (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Technician) Certification Examination through the Review Board of the Allied Health Association (AHA), Katherine is certified as a credentialed  Certified Permanent Cosmetic Technician (CPCT).  (Currently no such training or credential exists in Arizona or most other states.) After returning to Arizona in mid-2003, she started her Makeup Designory Business and has been growing ever since.


Katherine offers a wide range of services in the Beauty  Makeup Industry. Her make up look specialties vary  from Natural to Elegant, and  Glamour to Fantasy, perfected  for anyone wanting to enhance their innate beauty. (Modeling, Runway, Weddings, Engagements, Senior Pictures, Prom, Parties, Bat Mitzvahs, Events, Headshots, Print, Film, etc.) Prices start at around $40 for women and $15 for men and vary based on event, location, dry runs and makeup style.  Services available for Permanent Makeup are Lash Enhancement (Natural Look), Eyeliner (Upper and Lower), Eyebrows (Strokes and Solid), Lip Liner and/or Full Lips and Beauty Marks. Prices are listed on the Permanent Makeup Page of her website.    


Katherine holds Makeup Classes for groups and one on one learning sessions. New events and Classes are regularly posted through her social media sites and her website. Additionally she offers services as a  professional makeup shopper. Contact her for a quote on a particular event, more information or to schedule an appointment. Information is available on her website. You can also follow her in the Social Sites listed below and with Instagram at  http://instagram.com/katherine_alexandra_.






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Revisiting 2014's Resolution
Making Resolutions That Move the World, Not Just Me 
In last year's  January/February 2014 Newsletter I committed to wearing false eyelashes every day as my New Year's Resolution.  I know that sounds meager but I was tired of extravagant promises to myself that I lost sight of by April. One year later I'd like to share my experience with that frivolous resolution. 

First of all, it took all of four months for me to get down the actual method of application.  This was surprising to me since I had worn falsies from the age of sixteen through thirty three, right before the birth of my daughter, when all fluff and frills such as false eyelashes, hot rollers, leg waxing and general primping disappeared and were replaced by diapering, feeding and rocking.  Active mothering for the next eighteen years destroyed any brain cells left for such superfluous information and the file on how to apply eyelashes was  deleted and replaced with ideas on crafts such as making decorative coasters out of breast feeding pads. 
  The second Arty Eyes thing was the extraordinary amount of time I spent looking for and trying out eyelashes to find the perfect strip for my eye shape.  It is not as easy as it sounds.  In fact, I located the one I wore all those years ago, Number 53 by Ardell and it looked paltry compared to how I remembered it. How could that be? I even worked with  those individual eyelashes, thinking I could get a more natural look.  Since this was laborious and I was looking to cut, not add to my makeup time,  I let them stay on for two to three   days which, though a beauty timesaver,  drove me absolutely freaking crazy wanting to clean my eyes.  I don't know how you girls do the lash extension thing, that would put me in a straight jacket!

The third surprise was, after getting down the application and finding the perfect lashes, how quickly and easily  I can now go from looking old and tired and monkey eyed to awake, bright and younger looking.  At under two minutes for the whole process, it beats hands down the time I spent applying mascara, what with all the layers and separating lashes and wiping off the smudges.  I estimate I've saved enough money on mascara to buy a sizable Starbucks card for myself. This year, the experimenting over and my make up regimen slimmed way down leaves me time to work on my  2015's Resolution:

My belief is that people are good, that they hurt when others hurt and that they are moved to act in the face of  injustice  anywhere in the world.  By introducing  some game changing ideas, revolutionary causes and  charities within the format of my newsletter, we can  remind ourselves it isn't who looks in the mirror who is beautiful, it is what she who stares back thinks and does.  Real Beauty is making a difference.   


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Make Your Beauty Regimen Work For You!

Make a commitment to your skin's health and complexion beauty with a Series.  Buying up front reduces your treatment considerably.  Buy five treatments in advance, get six over a 6 to 12 month period.  That's a savings of $175!  Series clients are serious clients.  They are resolved to take care of themselves, just like going to the gym and eating right, regular skin care from a professional steps up your skin care home regimen.  Series are available for girl with facialist's handsCustomized Treatments as well as Collagen Induction Therapy Treatments. 
Series of Six for the price of Five Customized Treatments  $875

Series of Six for the price of Five Collagen Induction Therapy (Micro Needling) Treatments $1750*

*Treatments include Dermaplaning, Topical Anesthesia and Masque

2015 Heralds New Era for Sunscreens!
Better Formulations & Ingredients in the Near Future!

On November 29th of last year, President Obama signed the Sunscreen Innovation Act into law, requiring the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to give clearance to its backlog since 2002 of eight TEA application sunscreen filters.  It has been twenty four years since the last approval!

This new law forces the FDA to make decisions on sunscreen filter ingredients within a reasonable time frame.  New ingredients must be responded to within a year. New approvals pave the way for U.S. sun product manufacturers to have more formulating options leading to better sun protection. 

Formulators face four obstacles in creating sunscreen products.  First is the selection of the actual sunscreen filter or filters used.  Second is cactus-scene-header2.jpg how the those ingredients disperse within the base formulation.  Next is how the homogenized product smooths onto the skin, how it looks and feels.  And last and most important is the efficacy of the formula for maximum protection as advertised.

All of us have experienced dissatisfaction with sun protection products, going from one formula to another trying to find the elusive "perfect" sunscreen.  I'm looking forward to some new breakthrough ingredients and more elegant products in the coming years!


       Yay!  Astringents on Sale in January!
Don't Miss This Once a Year Sale! 

This January, many of my labs  increased prices.  Consequently, some of the Bryant Rushing products have experienced a price increase. Astringents are one of these products.  Though they are now $42, in January they are on sale for $32.  Stock up while current inventories last!

Roses Astringent with 5% Glycolic Acid for Sensitive, Dry, Dehydrated, Delicate Complexions as well as those just beginning to experience some Premature Aging. 

Violets Astringent with 10% Glycolic Acid and 1% Salicylic Acid for Dry to Normal, Normal to Oily and Prematurely Aged Skin Types with no or occasional breakouts.

Ivy Astringent with 15% Glycolic Acid and 2% Salicylic Acid for Normal to Oily, Oily to Acne and Prematurely or Photo-Aged Complexions with none, some or severe breakout.
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Sixty is the New Forty

Check it out! 
Prime Minister of Australia Testifies To It!


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I am so blessed to do what I love for a living.  That is something I never lose sight of.   Skincare and Beauty have been my passion my entire life. One thing that keeps the Esthetic Industry exciting is the continual discovery of new ingredients. Truly, the future of anti-aging feels limitless.  My pledge is to continue exploration and to provide products, information and services worthy of the name Bryant Rushing.  I want to thank you for your continued trust in me and the vision I hold for Beauty. May this be an unforgettably wonderful year. 

Cheryl Bryant-Rushing


Cheryl Bryant-Rushing


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