"Nee Pour Orneer Une Coronne"  
"Born to Adorn a Crown"

July 2015
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When I Grow Up
by Cheryl Bryant-Rushing, L.E.

I was always flat chested.  It was an agony that consumed me as a young girl.   Gym class was especially excruciating.  My girlfriends' nickname  for me was "Gongaboobs," because I had none.  In junior high school  I did exercises  before bedtime which included pressing my hands together in front of my chest and squeezing while chanting, "I must, I must, I must develop a bust." I sent away for an ointment advertised in the back of a  magazine that was guaranteed to produce breasts.  I swear it was vaseline. My best friend was wearing  an underwire 34D bra in 6th grade. I was in training bras until I was thirty three years old.

Trying to fill out the bodice of my wedding dress was pretty doleful.   I wore a 32AA bra.  I longed for lace and  yearned for cleavage.  I pined for something my tiny push up bra could push up.  No strapless gown for this bride.   I might have passed for the flower girl without my veil and train.

When I became pregnant, I blossomed to a 32C!  Wow!  To celebrate I bought some sexy lingerie.  A few months later, when Katie was born, I woke up from anesthesia after the C-section with a couple of 34EE mountains sitting on my chest! I  had a five month reprieve between training bras and nursing/minimizer brassieres. My lacy underthings went to the back of the drawer.

At the end of nursing for two and a half years, emptied of the happy milk factories on my chest,  my husband described my breasts as two fried eggs on fish hooks. Not only were my breasts deflated, they looked sullenly at the floor,  my left breast  an inch and a half longer than the other.

I was horrified. Showering and dressing became a nightmare.  I avoided looking at my naked body and I agonized over feeling so shallow that it mattered to me what I looked like.  I had recently lost my girlfriend to breast cancer at the age of twenty four and was paralyzed with despair Young beautiful woman with depression isolated on white and with the gripping fear that the same fate would soon find  me.  It took me a year to heal from my grief and to disengage from my depression and the feeling of being deserted by my femininity. And for the first time in my life I considered plastic surgery. Despite my  bra burning heritage in the early 1970's, I decided the irreproachable answer to my feminine dilemma was breast implants.

I  researched the pros and cons of saline verses silicone implants and under rather than over the muscle.  I talked candidly with  friends who already had  implants (and met quite a few of these implants face to face.)  After several interviews with plastic surgeons, I decided on the highly respected Lawrence Shaw, MD, a phenomenally intuitive decision. For at last, I had the breasts I always wanted when I grew up!  To this day, I can still say having breast implants is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I was so thrilled at how natural they looked.  I could often be found shopping  in the lingerie sections of department stores showing off my décolletage to the ladies who helped with fittings.

 Twenty one years have passed since then.   My implants are well over  their 8 to 10 year warranty and a bit waffly looking.  Once more I labored over my vanity when over the years more than a few of my clients and friends became breast cancer survivors.   I returned to Larry Shaw, MD for a consultation and he listened patiently to my concerns. He requested  an MRI to allay my fears while assuring me I was not vain, that indeed I was making a healthy choice for myself. 

Dr. Barclay-White at Breast Net seconded his direction, saying she recommended women with  dense breast tissue and/or implants to have MRI's every few years to more thoroughly check for breast cancer. The MRI showed normal breast tissue with ruptured implants, basically my implants were just plain old worn out.

On the 9th of June, Dr. Shaw fluffed me up once again with some new, state of the art ultra-natural implants. It is amazing what is available now to support a woman's desire to feel at home in her body. As I write this,  I am so grateful for his attentive care, emotional support and surgical excellence. 

What I want to express is what I learned:  That as much as I knew  I would look better, I greatly underestimated  how elated  I would feel: womanly and curvaceous and whole.  I came to realize how often my inner dialogue wants to make me feel badly about myself.  I learned  that it's self-empowering to know what you want.  And finally, that  femininity is not about what I look like, but how I feel  I look. 
The Shaw Center
Plastic Surgery ・ Skin  ・ Laser
8913 E. Bell Road, Suite 201
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Here is a short quote from the insightful book, Your Doctor is Slowly Killing You by Dr. Angela De Rosa

"The Women's Health Initiative (WHI) --- the biggest study ever done on synthetic hormones --- scared the crap out of women and doctors.  Of course, it turns out the results of this complex study were skewed, misreported and misunderstood.  Most prominently was the story featured on the cover of Newsweek On July 22nd, 2002, with the title, "Beyond Hormones: A New Study Raises Fears About The Risks For Millions Of Women.  Here's what you should do."

Most women and even worse, most doctors, base their opinions and beliefs about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on the study and the media hype surrounding it.  What most don't realize is that this was just one badly designed and highly flawed study on two  synthetic drugs. First, the treatment population was older women who are misrepresentative of the population that usually uses HRT.  James H. Clark, author of one of the papers critiquing the study, wrote,

"Most reproductive scientists believe that post-menopausal hormones should be used as preventative, not corrective therapy: therefore, treatment should begin during the menopausal transition."

The WHI study was based entirely on two synthetic drugs --- Beautiful woman, with hand resting along side face, with a slight smile. Premarin and Prempro --- that are not bio-identical (I'll talk more about this in a bit) and largely no longer used by medical professionals.  

The media cherry picked statistically insignificant incidents and created false conclusions; shouting that women on HRT faced a 26 percent increase for developing breast cancer.  In reality, the number they chose to focus on was based on  eight more women having breast cancer in the Prempro portion of the study.  Later analysis of the study actually showed no statistically significant increase for risk of breast cancer was found in the Prempro study, and there was, in fact, a 23 percent decrease in the Premarin group.  Where was the media to shout this from the rooftops?  

The widespread and hysterical reporting of this single flawed study frightened women away from hormones therapies for the next decade. When it was discovered the study was mainly bunk, it got barely a blip on the media's radar.  Even worse, because of this study, doctors became seriously concerned about liability --- understandably, they didn't want to get sued if a woman got breast cancer.  Many physicians still won't prescribe HRT, even if it's bio-identical, because their belief that HRT is harmful is rooted in the initial study and they haven't researched any further.  However, I know the data.  I've studied it inside and out for decades.  There's far more good data and studies showing many types of HRT are safe and have positive effects on women's health.  I've seen the same conclusions reflected in the wonderful results experienced by thousands of patients I've seen and treated with bio-identical HRT in my own practice."
(btw--Enjoying more energy, weight loss and increased libido with testosterone but want a solution for these side effects?  Ask your physician about Spironolactone.  Here'a an informative link that well explains the benefits of Spironolactone.) 
Staying Cool-a! 
  by Katherine Alexandra, CMA, CPCT
In my thirty one years of being an esthetician's daughter and being reminded on a daily basis to wear sunscreen ... Thanks, Mom :0) I have tried too many sunscreens to count.  With having  sensitive skin, finding something that worked, that wasn't irritating and that I didn't mind the smell or feel of was a challenge.   Well I'm happy to report that I've finally hit the motherload with COOLA Organic Face Sunscreen SPF 30, Matte Finish with a refresh ing Cucumber Scent! 
An SPF 30 does a spectacular job of protecting you from the sun while filtering out 97% of UV-B rays. UV-B radiation is what the word SPF refers to and it stops the sunburn rays. Now, did you know your sunscreen, no matter what SPF it is may not protect you from UV-A radiation? UV-A is the one that ages you and gives you skin cancer. Eek! To completely protect you from both UV-A and UV-B rays you need a broad spectrum sunscreen, and COOLA is just that! 
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I also  highly recommend this sunscreen for women with permanent makeup for preservation and because it doesn't sting the eyes. 
I buy my COOLA Sunscreen through BirchBox.com for $36.  I have a subscription with them which means I get a box filled with 5 beauty surprises every month! (Who doesn't love surprises!?) :0) If you decide you want to subscribe with them too, would you please use my name as your referral, that would be awesome! And please let me know if you need any information from me in order to do so or if you need help locating this item for purchase.

P.S Did you know I also do personal makeup shopping as well as individual and group makeup lessons? Please don't hesitate to contact me with any of your beauty needs at katiekahoun@gmail.com or 480-703-0267.  I hope you've all enjoyed my shared treasure, COOLA. Give it a try and I think you'll agree, it is one of the best sunscreens that feels nice, smells good and works! Stay tuned for more of my beauty tips!




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NEW Evidence points to sun damage in the form of age spot formation continues for hours after sun exposure.  Best ingredients to prevent?  Vitamin C, Vitamin E and other Anti-Oxidants!  
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Vitamin Luxe (Powerhouse Anti-oxidant Serum)
This  powerful multi vitamin antioxidant formula utilizes the synergistic blend of 20% L-Ascorbic Acid, 1% Vitamin E and 0.5% Ferulic Acid with the moisturization and healing benefit of Vitamin B5 Panthenol. Consistent use protects the skin from intrinsic free radical damage and those caused by  external factors such as sun exposure and pollution. Used daily, Vitamin Luxe  increases collagen production, lightens hyper-pigmentation and eases lines and wrinkles. Apply in the morning as well as in the evening if you have experienced sun exposure.   Safe for All Skin Types.   

An Apple a Day(Stellar Brightening Anti-oxidant Serum) 
With 25% L-Ascorbic Acid, An Apple a Day is the only Vitamin C with clinical research to support its effectiveness. This powerful serum dramatically refines the skin's texture, reducing the appearance of fine lines as it stimulates collagen production. Illuminating the complexion from within, An Apple a Day prohibits and corrects the formation of age spots formed from intrinsic free radical damage  and sun exposure. For All Skin Types except Rosacea and very Sensitive.  Apply every morning and in the evening if you have had a day of sun exposure.

Girlish Dreams  (Serious Anti-oxidant Moisturizer) 
Activate the skin's own protective mechanism against damage from sun exposure and environmental stress with this richly indulgent anti-oxidant packed treatment cream. Infused with Vitamins C, A, D, E and B5 Panthenol, Girlish Dreams saturates the complexion  with  soothing botanicals, herbal extracts, and amino acids. It soothes and  moisturizes as it inhibits the formation of and lightens age spots. Texture is refined, the skin is nourished, strengthened and restored to luminous and healthy vitality.  For All Skin Types.  Apply morning and evening, especially after sun exposure.



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Use This Summer to Revitalize and Restore Your Complexion to its Natural Beauty!
The PRP Vampire Facial, also known as a PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma enhanced Collagen Induction or Micro-Needling Facial, utilizes your own body's healing ability to correct the signs of aging by stimulating skin recovery. In The PRP Vampire Facial, PRP is applied during a Micro Needling Device procedure  to enhance collagen regeneration, reduce fine lines, lighten age spots and restore youthful radiance.  Want to turn back the hands of time? Finally, there is an option that achieves all these goals without harsh peels and lasers.  
The PRP Vampire Facial is the cutting edge of non-surgical facial regeneration! Not available everywhere, the Vi Esthetica Center in the medical offices of  Grant Heinz, MD are one of the few med spas  offering this new and powerful treatment.    
  Vi Esthetica Center for Aesthetic Arts
Dr. Grant Heinz, M.D. 
6007 East Baseline Road Suite 101 Mesa, AZ 85206 
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Did You Know You Can Save Money on Facial Treatments?

 Series clients are serious clients.  They are resolved to take care of themselves.   Just like going to the gym and eating right, regular skin care from a professional steps up your skin care home regimen and produces spectacular results. 
A Series of Six Facial Treatments are sold for the price of Five Facial Treatments for  $875, that's a savings of $175.  If your already getting regular facials, this is a no brainer savings.

And a Series of Six Fractional Collagen Induction Treatments (Microneedling) are offered for  $1750, that's a savings of $350.

Beautiful Face of Young Woman with Clean Fresh Skin isolated on white. Beauty Girl touching her face. Beautiful Spa Woman Smiling. Perfect Fresh Skin. Pure Beauty Model. Youth and Skin Care Concept
My suggestion is to alternate month to month a Facial Treatment with a Fractional CIT.

CITs should be performed every 60 - 90 days for optimum and continual results.  What can you expect? Shrink pores, eliminate fine lines, minimize gesture lines, dramatically increase collagen and elastin for firmer complexions and  even out complexion tone and texture. This procedure is comparable to a Fractional Laser Treatments in results without the risks and very little downtime!

In fact, in my opinion, CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy also called Micro Needling) is hands down the most remarkable breakthrough in skin care rejuvenation in thirty years.

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Editor-in-Chief: Katherine Alexandra Kahoun

Sharing Health With Our Daughters and Sons

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You can now watch the informational movie, SOMEONE YOU LOVE: The HPV Epidemic online.

Go to this link HERE to watch trailer, rent or buy the movie.  Everyone needs to see this documentary.
Katherine Alexandra Kahoun,
Certified Makeup Artist, Board Certified Derma Technician

Katherine Alexandra Kahoun was born in Arizona and moved to California after High School for Advanced Cosmetic and Makeup Education at MakeUp Designory (MUD) located in Burbank.  There she received her Certification in Beauty Makeup Artistry in 2002. Following graduation, she  enrolled  in the  American Institute of Permanent Color Technology (AIPCT) located in Tustin.  There she  received the Board of Regents Certification after completing the Micro-Theory Demographics Course. She was awarded  the title Derma Technician in 2003. Successfully passing the CPCT (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Technician) Certification Examination through the Review Board of the Allied Health Association (AHA), Katherine is certified as a credentialed  Certified Permanent Cosmetic Technician (CPCT).  (Currently no such training or credential exists in Arizona or most other states.) After returning to Arizona in mid-2003, she started her business, Katherine Alexandra Makeup and has been growing ever since.


Katherine offers a wide range of services in the Beauty  Makeup Industry. Her makeup look specialties vary  from Natural to Elegant, and  Glamour to Fantasy, perfected  for anyone wanting to enhance their innate beauty. (Modeling, Runway, Weddings, Engagements, Senior Pictures, Prom, Parties, Bat Mitzvahs, Events, Headshots, Print, Film, etc.) Prices start at around $50 for women and $15 for men and vary based on event, location, dry runs and makeup style.  Services available for Permanent Makeup are Lash Enhancement (Natural Look), Eyeliner (Upper and Lower), Eyebrows (Strokes and Solid), Lip Liner and/or Full Lips and Beauty Marks. Prices are listed on the Permanent Makeup Page of her website.    


Katherine holds Makeup Classes for groups and one on one learning sessions. New events and Classes are regularly posted through her social media sites and her website. Additionally she offers services as a  professional makeup shopper. Contact her for a quote on a particular event, more information or to schedule an appointment. Information is available on her website, www.KatherineAlexandraMakeup.com You can also follow her in the Social Sites listed below and with Instagram at  http://instagram.com/katherine_alexandra_.

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Cheryl Bryant Rushing , Licensed Esthetician, Editor
Cheryl Bryant-Rushing graduated from the first aesthetics program in the state of Arizona in 1986. After completing several advanced training programs and working in one of the first esthetic salons in Scottsdale/Phoenix, Cheryl launched her own business in 1990 after the publication of her first newsletter about beauty and skin care, Isis Risen. She currently writes at www.myestheticiansblog.com.  Her clientele is through referrel only.

* Publisher Bryant Rushing Monthly Newsletter
* Former Publisher Monthly Newsletter Arizona Skin Research & Isis Risen
* Former editor of American Society of Esthetic Medicine Report
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* Developer of Bryant Rushing Advanced Recovery Skin Care Products
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* Dry Exfoliation for Aging Skin/Proprietory Procedure for treating photo-aged skin
* Medical and Esthetic Alliance Advantages outside the Medical Clinic Environment
* Dynamics and Histology of the Skin, It's Dual Respiratory/Eliminatory Functions
* Dry Exfoliation for Aging Skin

Cheryl Bryant-Rushing


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