"Nee Pour Orneer Une Coronne"  
"Born to Adorn a Crown"

March 2015
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...Katie and Cheryl's secret remedies for stopping traffic and curing wrinkles...  
Calling all Mermaids  
I was already besotted by the two ingredients NaPCA and Glycosaminoglycans when first introduced to Sea Plasma in 1985. Focus 21's Sea Plasma All Purpose Skin and Hair Moisturizer   is as radically an amazing product as it was in 1980 when the
Focus 21 line was revealed. I started using it on Katie's baby skin after bathing her and she uses it still. In fact, we refer to  Sea Plasma as a  "Medicine Chest Beauty Product," meaning it's a must have!
Na PCA  is a naturally occurring component of the skin. When applied to the complexion  it attracts moisture from the air and into the epidermal layers, protecting it from free radical damage. The exquisite velvety ingredients glycosaminoglycans and simethone   provide ultra light oil free moisturization.  The Sea Water  and Sea Minerals in this amazing formula give the hair and skin elasticity and much needed moisture,  protecting hair from breakage and skin from dehydration.  We use this twice daily before  other skin care products (except after toner).  Spray the silky mist into your hands and massage  into the face, throat and d√©colletage for a divine experience! We both routinely  use it after bathing and before body lotions and  as a hair conditioner each time we wash or set our hair.  (It protects hair from blow drying or hot rollers! Spray on hair and skin before swimming and it will protect you from chorine damage and dryness.) This stuff is a gem, I can't speak highly enough about it.  
Everyone can benefit from this sweet, simple sea spray.
FOCUS 21 Sea Plasma All Purpose Skin and Hair Moisturizing 32 oz
by FOCUS 21
Health and Beauty
Our Price: $18.38



Are You Practicing Safe Sleep?

How can you maximize your beauty sleep?  A thorough cleansing regimen and excellent skin care before popping between the sheets are of course, de rigueur  but tell me, are you practicing safe sleep?

Sleep should not only renew your body but rejuvenate your complexion. Yet for most women the unfortunate consequences of sleeping are  sleep creases,  deeper gesture lines, new wrinkles, puffy eyes and dry, dehydrated skin.

The reasons for sleep related aging are:
1. The pressure of pillow creates creasing and results in micro skin trauma.

2. Facial skin folds created become permanent over time and existing lines and wrinkles deepen nightly by squishing face into the pillow.

3. The evaporation of the skin's natural moisture and the wicking away of moisturizing ingredients in your skin care products into your cotton or other fabric pillowcase.

Since we spend roughly one third of our lives with our face against a  pillow, these seemingly trivial effects  have profound consequences over time. Multiple academic papers from various sources including Mayo Clinic's medical information site, MayoClinic.com as well as  the prestigious dermatologists Dr. Samuel J. Stegman and Dr. Howard Sobel cite silk pillowcases are able to prevent facial wrinkles by decreasing the amount of pressure and friction the pillow applies to one's face and increasing moisture retainment during sleep!
The smooth surface of silk means there is little friction between your skin and your pillow, the major cause for sleep wrinkles. Astonishingly, silk also contains natural cellular albumen, a protein which helps speed up metabolism of skin cells.  The sericin protein in silk dispels accumulation of melanin in your skin, thus preventing or delaying hyperpigmentation. In fact, silk sericin and albumen have been used for over 3500 years as powerful beauty and youth ingredients. But wait, there's more! As well as treating your skin to anti-aging benefits as you sleep, your hair is  protected from broken ends and dehydration.

Here are some links to help you find a silk pillowcase or even silk sheets should you decide to splurge!

Here's the Website for LilySilk:  
Here is a direct links to Lilysilk on Amazon: 
Pair of Silk Pillowcases Silk Oxford Pillow Cases White Color 100% Pure Mulberry Silk by Lilysilk - Standard
by Lilysilk
Our Price: $75.99
Cinderella Never Had It This Good 
I first bought Model in a Bottle when I was about sixteen. Honestly, I was looking  for something that would set my makeup so I could make out with my boyfriend, come home from my date and my parents would be none the wiser. I ended up using it everyday because it contained Vitamin A, C and E which I knew were great skin vitamins plus my makeup stayed fresh and perfect throughout the day without touching it up! I forgot all about this great product until Katie reminded me about it during her extensive MUD  schooling in California to become a Makeup artist way back in 2002.
One of the biggest advantages of Model in a Bottle is my nifty little  eyebrow trick.  I do this daily now, with or without using the spray on my entire face. After applying my eyebrow pencil, I spray my spooly brush (looks like a mascara wand) with the Model in a Bottle and then brush my eyebrows up and over.  This keeps those eyebrow hairs with a mind of their own from roaming all over my forehead or down on my eyelid.  But fyi, the company also makes an eyebrow sealer and a lipstick setter as well as the new Model in a Bottle formula for sensitive skin. Oh! Big bonus: Greatly reduces oiliness in the T-Zone that occurs about midday. At any rate, I don't use Model in a Bottle every single day, just long days when I need to look fabulous for twelve hours or on the weekend and for special events. It is a must have go to product for that Ball that ends at midnight.  Don't forget to use Model in a Bottle  and leave behind your glass slipper! 

Model in a Bottle Original Makeup Setting Spray - 1.7 oz
by CSA Worldwide
Health and Beauty
List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $5.50
Model in a Bottle Model In a Bottle Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer
by Model in a Bottle
List Price: $12.00
Our Price: $3.99
Model In A Bottle Lip Stick Sealer - .17oz
by Model in a Bottle
List Price: $16.00
Our Price: $5.99
Model in a Bottle Sensitive Makeup Setting Spray - 1.7 oz
by Chunkaew
Our Price: $14.09


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Hi Everyone!
The amazingly talented photographer Joseph Saadeh  and I  are collaborating on a Model Portfolio Package which launched this March. The enclosed pictures are from the most recent  photo sessions  with the beautiful Models Michelle Allexa Duarte and her mom, Marisela Duarte.
The Model Portfolio Package is specifically designed for  aspiring models needing to build their portfolios as well as for current models who need to update their portfolios.

However, the package is available for anyone that  wants to embrace their beauty with extraordinary forever memories. This is an experience of a lifetime with a day filled with beauty and fun!

You'll start by getting a complete makeover with custom blended foundation and  contouring.  Add to this  a variety of eye makeup and lip looks, starting with  natural and building up to heart stopping beautiful.   I'll be with you during the whole photo shoot to assist Joseph in coordinating clothes with makeup and hair as well as touch ups. We promise you a photography session for getting in touch with your inner and outer beauty, a day to remember forever and cherish with exquisite photos. 

Joseph will present you with a  CD  of ALL your pictures. (He usually shoots a couple hundred every hour so you'll have more than enough to pick your faves!)  Choose up to 10 of your favorite pictures and Joseph will transform them with his eye for beauty and symmetry. This is not mere photoshop to make you into a mannequin, Joseph is world renown for incorporating digital art into photos to give the models a transcendence beyond mere photography.  It's something done by only a few photographers in the world and it  will be uniquely yours.

Destination sites are Joseph Saadeh's specialty and together we choose a style or location that speaks your name.  Prior to the actual shoot we will all meet formerly to discuss your ideas, the flavor of the setting, the desired outcome and the scope of  our combined imaginations.  Literally any and everything is possible between Joseph and I.  You'll be given all the time you need to discuss your upcoming session and make sure we are all in accord to produce absolutely unforgettable pictures.

The complete Model Portfolio Package is only $400! Want to have some fun with a friend? We can make it a girls' day out and create the package for you each individually for just   $300 each. You'll still be receiving our undivided attention with all the features listed above but you can join with a girlfriend or spouse and, taking advantage of the same destination, save $100 each!  Additionally, you can choose  to have all of your photos taken separately  or have some together.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this exciting opportunity or for any of your other makeup and/or makeup artist needs.

Have an Absolutely Gorgeous Day,
Katie, xoxox

PS This is a perfect portfolio to give your boyfriend, fiance or spouse as a birthday or Christmas gift.  The sky is limited only by your imagination!

by Katherine Alexandra Kahoun, CMA, CPCT




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Someone You Love

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The Human Papilloma Virus,  HPV may be the most widespread, misunderstood and potentially dangerous epidemic facing our world today. That most people hardly know anything about it is a heartbreaking fact.

It is difficult as a mother to conceive of innoculating your child against HPV when they still seem young and innocent. Yet the alternatives to declining this immunity to our girls and boys show grim statistics: Currently  26 million girls aged 12 years and younger live in the U.S. If none of these girls are vaccinated, data from mathematical models suggest that:
  • 168,400 will develop cervical cancer and 54,100 will die from cervical cancer
  • Vaccinating 30% of these girls would prevent 45,500 of these cases and 14,600 deaths
  • However, increasing the vaccination rate to 80% would prevent 98,800 cases and 31,700 deaths
  • For each year we stay at 30% coverage instead of achieving 80%, 4,400 future cervical cancer cases and 1,400 cervical cancer deaths will occur
  • Not vaccinating means leaving more girls and boys exposed to potential HPV cancers in the future


One person gets cancer from HPV infection every twenty minutes.


The three vaccines for immunity should be administered to both boys and girls at the ages of 11 to 12, when the natural immune response is highest and before sexual activity begins.  


Protect someone you love. Go the the website listed below and find a local screening of the documentary on HPV entitled Someone You Love.  



Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic
Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic
Spring Cleaning

This Spring  make a commitment to your beauty with a Series.   Buying up front reduces your treatment fees considerably.  Buying five treatments in advance and gets you six treatments over a 12 month period.  That's a savings of $175!  Series clients are serious clients.  They are resolved to take care of themselves, just like going to the gym and eating right, regular skin care from a professional steps up your skin care home regimen. 
Series are available for
Little delicate elegant bouquet of flowers buttercups and white lilacs in tin can and a teacup on white wooden table morning breakfast
Customized Treatments as well as Collagen Induction Therapy Treatments
My recommendation is to alternate these two treatments for incredible anti-aging results!
Series of Six Customized Facial Treatments for the price of Five  $875

Series of Six Fractional Collagen Induction Therapies (Microneedling) $1750* These Treatments include Dermaplaning or Light Micro Peel, Topical Anesthesia and Masque.

March Special Saving s!

Satin Slip
Time Travel Cream,  
the Set your clocks back in spring with this whimsical image of a clock surrounded by spring flowers set to 2 o clock  Extreme shallow depth of field with selective focus on clock. beautiful answer to dry, dehydrated,  prematurely aged or stressed complexions. This luxurious creme contains state of the art ingredients such as  Retinol, DMAE, Thiotic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Ubiquinone (CoQ 10), Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E. Its quick absorbing and deep penetrating time travel formula   eases fine lines and wrinkles, corrects texture irregularities and surface discolorations. The lovely, naturally fragrant creme provides the exact nutritional supplements the complexion needs to restore a youthful radiance to any complexion. Regularly priced at $87 for 60 mL. Now on sale for $69 , a savings of over 20% .

expires March 31, 2015

Springtime . . . for Renewal 
Beautiful bride in white dress in spring garden  
Dr. Grant Heinz, M.D. 
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Vi Esthetica Center for Aesthetic Arts
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Katherine Alexandra Kahoun, C ertified Makeup Artist, Board Certified Derma Technician

Katherine Alexandra Kahoun was born in Arizona and moved to California after High School for Advanced Cosmetic and Makeup Education at MakeUp Designory (MUD) located in Burbank.  There she received her Certification in Beauty Makeup Artistry in 2002. Following graduation, she  enrolled  in the  American Institute of Permanent Color Technology (AIPCT) located in Tustin.  There she  received the Board of Regents Certification after completing the Micro-Theory Demographics Course. She was awarded  the title Derma Technician in 2003. Successfully passing the CPCT (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Technician) Certification Examination through the Review Board of the Allied Health Association (AHA), Katherine is certified as a credentialed  Certified Permanent Cosmetic Technician (CPCT).  (Currently no such training or credential exists in Arizona or most other states.) After returning to Arizona in mid-2003, she started her business, Katherine Alexandra Makeup and has been growing ever since.


Katherine offers a wide range of services in the Beauty  Makeup Industry. Her makeup look specialties vary  from Natural to Elegant, and  Glamour to Fantasy, perfected  for anyone wanting to enhance their innate beauty. (Modeling, Runway, Weddings, Engagements, Senior Pictures, Prom, Parties, Bat Mitzvahs, Events, Headshots, Print, Film, etc.) Prices start at around $40 for women and $15 for men and vary based on event, location, dry runs and makeup style.  Services available for Permanent Makeup are Lash Enhancement (Natural Look), Eyeliner (Upper and Lower), Eyebrows (Strokes and Solid), Lip Liner and/or Full Lips and Beauty Marks. Prices are listed on the Permanent Makeup Page of her website.    


Katherine holds Makeup Classes for groups and one on one learning sessions. New events and Classes are regularly posted through her social media sites and her website. Additionally she offers services as a  professional makeup shopper. Contact her for a quote on a particular event, more information or to schedule an appointment. Information is available on her website, www.KatherineAlexandraMakeup.com You can also follow her in the Social Sites listed below and with Instagram at  http://instagram.com/katherine_alexandra_.

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Cheryl Bryant Rushing, Licensed Esthetician, Editor
Cheryl Bryant-Rushing graduated from the first aesthetics program in the state of Arizona in 1986. After completing several advanced training programs and working in one of the first esthetic salons in Scottsdale/Phoenix, Cheryl launched her own business in 1990 after the publication of her first newsletter about beauty and skin care, Isis Risen. She currently writes at www.myestheticiansblog.com.  Her clientele is through referrel only.

* Publisher Bryant Rushing Monthly Newsletter
* Former Publisher Monthly Newsletter Arizona Skin Research & Isis Risen
* Former editor of American Society of Esthetic Medicine Report
* Former columnist on skincare
* Freelance writer for aesthetic trade journals
* President, Gray Dawn Inc dba Bryant Rushing Beauty
* Developer of Bryant Rushing Advanced Recovery Skin Care Products
* Clinical Esthetic Specialist Anti-Aging and Acne
* Speaker and Educator Aesthetic Procedures, Practices and Business


* Dry Exfoliation for Aging Skin/Proprietory Procedure for treating photo-aged skin
* Medical and Esthetic Alliance Advantages outside the Medical Clinic Environment
* Dynamics and Histology of the Skin, It's Dual Respiratory/Eliminatory Functions
* Dry Exfoliation for Aging Skin

Cheryl Bryant-Rushing


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