In the past few months the conversation around protection of unborn life in our nation has escalated dramatically. With some key cases coming before the U.S. Supreme Court during this fall term, supporters on both sides of the issue have raised their voices in an attempt to sway opinions in their favor. One of those cases, Cameron v. EMW Women's Surgical Center, comes from our home state here in Kentucky. The national CBS affiliate came to Louisville to interview the abortion provider, and also covered the other side of the story by including input from our staff and a client here at BsideU For Life. If you didn't catch it, take a look here: CBS National News Story

Here are some other updates on the ministry:

  • A recap of our annual banquet that was last month, and some great pictures from the evening.
  • Our church partners are vital to our ministry. Read about Faith Victory Center, who just threw us a baby shower!
  • One of our pregnancy center counselors sent us a journal entry she wrote in 2011 that reflects on how God works through this ministry. Even when it involves giving someone your own shoes....
  • Families affected by COVID are doing much better.
  • Former clients are bringing new pregnant women in need to us for help.
  • Being able to re-connect a former client who placed for adoption 16 years ago with the counselor who helped her through her pregnancy and adoption journey back then!
  • We've had 11 (yes ELEVEN) hires and/or promotions since October of 2020. We are grateful for God's provision in all areas!
  • Saved babies!!!
Pray for:
  • Several difficult clients we've had at 140 these past two weeks, that they will choose life for their babies and seek counseling for the future.
  • Clients struggling with addiction, one currently living in a tent, that they would stay clean and grow in their faith.
  • Our Celebrate Recovery class.
  • God to work in the lives of our clients and their children to break the cycle of broken lives and families.
  • Client expecting twin girls in November.
  • Transitions happening with the staff.
  • Excellent health for the team.
  • The new generator for the mobile unit to come in sooner than anticipated (original delivery time - 30 weeks). When the generator goes down, the mobile unit can't go out.

Thank you for your support and prayers!

Leisa K. Ray
Development Director