Unborn babies have taken center stage the last few months as our nation's highest court considers overturning decades-old decisions that made America one of the most pro-abortion countries in the world. We join you in the prayers of our pro-life brothers and sisters in asking God to use this moment in our culture's history to turn hearts and minds toward life.

Here are some updates from the ministry:

As we look back over 2021, we are praising God for:
  • Each client He brought our way
  • Each baby saved
  • The launch of the Mobile Ministry
  • The talent and dedication of every staff member
  • His provision of highly qualified staff to fill key job openings this year
  • His sustaining hand in the heat of the battle
  • His provision with fundraising and numerous generous donations through the year. (Our hearts were touched as a former client initiated a toy drive for us in order to give back to the ministry from which she received love and support.)
As we look forward to 2022, we are asking God for:
  • His continued guidance
  • Protection and blessing over the staff and their families
  • Strength to persevere through the hard times
  • Clients to grow in their faith and trust in God
  • More clients to come through our doors
  • More saved babies

Thank you for your support and prayers!

Leisa K. Ray, Retiring Development Director

& Ellen Hurt, Incoming Development Director