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Buccal Fat Removal:
Miracle or Mistake?
Dear ,
A buccal fat procedure removes fat from the cheeks through an incision in each side of the mouth in order to allow for better definition of the cheekbones and jawline, and to result in a more slender face.

If you have been thinking: “I wish my cheeks were a little more defined” then you may have more in common with celebrity A-listers than you think! Chrissy Teigen has admitted to having had it done. Madonna, Demi Moore, Bella Hadid and recently Lea Michele look like they have had it done. 

Buccal Fat Removal: Too Good To Be True?

Buccal fat removal is all over the news and it is purported to be an innovative new fat removal procedure that will give your face the look you've always wanted. Can you trust the media? Well, there’s this….

The buccal fat removal procedure was first described in 1802. It initially had it’s moment in the spotlight, but sculpted cheeks soon morphed into hollowed ones that were gaunt, unappealing and untreatable. Understandably, the procedure fell out of favor. But as with all things fashion and beauty, prior trends get recycled and what was old (pun intended) can become new again!

So, how do you know if buccal fat removal is right for you? How can you predict if it will leave you looking like a masterpiece or a mistake?

  1. Consult with a trusted surgeon to understand your unique anatomy.
  2. Understand the risks. The immediate risks include infection, bleeding, scarring, and a rare but real risk of damage to the facial nerve that can result in temporary or permanent partial facial paralysis, regional numbness and/or loss of taste. The longer-term risks of this procedure include changes in facial symmetry and appearance as the face ages. These changes may not be immediately apparent after the procedure, but may become more noticeable as the individual gets older. Because this procedure is not reversible, the long-term risks and potential consequences should be carefully considered before making a decision.

Your beauty is an external reflection of your internal health and wellness. Dr. Yagoda believes in and promotes an integrative approach to help you feel and look your best.
Dr. Yagoda is committed to educating and empowering you by providing you with outstanding care, compassion and surgical expertise along with expert health, wellness, safety and beauty advice, goods and services.

There is good reason that Dr. Yagoda is the one other doctors have chosen over the last 25 years and continue to choose when they want the very best.

Call us at 212.434.1210 or email us at info@DrYagoda.com to schedule your in-person or telemedicine consultation. 
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