Buchanan Driver Newsletter
March 19, 2021
Celebrate Buchanan Shout Outs with us!

We appreciate all that everyone on our team does every day. Sometimes, we have a a big win to celebrate and other times, someone deserves a shout out because they make our days a little brighter. Join us as we celebrate each other and take a moment to give a fellow Buchanan team member a shout out!
Since 1973, the TCA Scholarship Fund has been helping students with connections to the truckload industry. The Fund awards up to $6,250 per year, per full-time undergraduate college student. Much of our program’s support comes from within the truckload family—companies and individuals who are committed to our community’s future.
Any student meeting the requirements (learn more below) who is either the child, grandchild, or spouse of an employee or is an employee of a TCA member company or is the child, grandchild, or spouse of an independent contractor or an independent contractor affiliated with a TCA member company is encouraged to apply.

Buchanan Hauling & Rigging, Inc. continues to monitor developments surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic. Several states around the country are relaxing or lifting face covering mandates. Buchanan employees are required to adhere to state & local government orders regarding face coverings while on premise at Buchanan facilities and/or while performing work duties.
Current face covering procedures remain in place until such time as a change is made by government officials. Please make yourself aware of face covering orders for the states and/or geographic regions in which you operate as a Buchanan employee.
Direct questions to your supervisor or hr@buchananhauling.com.
Inspecting a tie down strap:
  • Broken stitching in stitch patterns
  • Weld splatter, or any areas of melting or charring
  • Damage caused from UV rays: color looks bleached or webbing feels stiff
  • Small particles embedded in the webbing
  • Burnt areas caused by acid, alkali, or other chemicals

It is imperative that we see an email sent in for each and every load you haul.
This entire process is designed to protect YOU, the driver, from any potential claims.

Below is an exact sample of the email you must send for every load:
  • Email to: pics@buchananhauling.com
  • Subject Line: Load # xxxxxxxxxx
  • Body of Email: Load # retyped (no one is perfect, this accommodates for potential errors)
  • Photos attached:
  • There should be a minimum of (4) pictures for each load – FOUR CORNERS = FOUR PICTURES.
  • If the load requires tarps - we need (4) pictures of it before it is tarped, and (4) pictures of it after it is tarped for a total of (8) pictures.
The purpose of this requirement is to protect YOU.
Are you using MACROS?
INDOT to implement
Zipper merges are used when a lane is closed ahead due to road construction or maintenance work. Zipper merges are designed to keep traffic moving by allowing drivers to use both lanes until reaching the merge point.

Zipper merges work exactly as they sound – like a zipper!
As drivers see “lane closed ahead” signs, they should stay in their current lane up to the designated merge point. Then drivers should take turns moving into the open lane. This practice is much safer than merging early, which causes congestion and more significant changes in speed.
When a zipper merge is in place, be respectful of other drivers who wait to merge until just before the lane ends – they’re doing it right!

The relocation of the Indianapolis Terminal is complete.

The new address is:

2725 Holt Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46241
It's tax time again. 2020 W-2 forms have been mailed to Company drivers to address listed in the payroll system. If you do not receive your W-2 for whatever reason, it is available to print from the ADP Workforce Now website or mobile app. 

Once logged in, select Myself / Pay / Annual Statements. Tax Statements are listed on the right side of the screen.

ADP Mobile App: Once logged in, select Pay. Scroll down to Additional Benefits. Select Tax Statements. Be sure 2020 is selected from the dropdown at the top of the screen. Tap W2.

Contact Human Resources at hr@buchananhauling.com or 260-471-1877 ext. 2291 for additional assistance.