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Don't you love February? Valentine's Day, the onset of Spring, daylight that gets longer and longer each week... But it's the shortest month of the year, and it's almost over! 

There are only two days left to buy hours or hold your spot for March! The Big Kids Club's February mission is accomplished, and Johanna's blog post about their adventures is ready for review. 

It's been the sickliest month in Buddings history, and the Norovirus has been doing a number on kids and families all across the city. We've got some ideas for how we can all reduce the spread of the disease at home and daycare. Clean hands are the key!

Stay warm, and well! 

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Big Kids Club - February update
End of the Month Activities
Containing Winter Vomiting Disease
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Big Kids Club is Filling Buckets with Love!

For February, Johanna and the Big Kids have been exploring what it means to put others first, and celebrating LOVE all month long! 

It's been fun, and sometimes challenging, to explain that concept to the preschoolers, who are, by nature, inclined to self-centredness. 

A bit of visualization, and Johanna's creative curriculum planning have resulted in a month of sharing, gift-giving, and so much... glitter! 

Want to get the details? Hop over to the blog to see what they've been up to! 

End of the month is neigh!
The Early Purchase Bonus deadline is passed, but if you haven't bought your March hours yet, you have until the 1st of the month to LOG IN and make your first purchase. Unpaid accounts on March 3rd will be deactivated, and may be subject to the reactivation fee. Don't forget, your account must have a payment by the 1st in order to have you remaining February hours rolled over. 
As long as you have 4 or more hours left, you will find them in your account on the 1st (as long as a purchase for the month has been made, of course!), and ready to book for the month. For a refresher on the Roll Over Rules, check the post on our blog
February snack invoices will be issued at the same time, and you have until the 1st of April to pay it off, either by credit card online, or with cash next time you're in. 
Containing Winter Vomiting Disease
It's been a wild winter for illnesses, in Vancouver, around Canada, and at Buddings. We're hearing a lot about kids and families affected by the Norovirus (AKA "Winter Vomiting Disease"), and the teachers at Buddings have all been hit! We've put together some information about the virus, as well as some tips on how you can keep it contained in your home and daycare. 

Washing your hands is the first step. Visiting our blog for more details is the second. Doing both certainly won't hurt!
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