‘’Do No Harm” Aired to Physicians in Bucks County
In conjunction with National Suicide Prevention Week, Robyn Simon’s Film “Do No Harm” was shown to 65 physicians and their guests at the Doylestown Wellness Center on September 9th. The rate of suicide among physicians is the highest among any professional group out pacing dentists, airline pilots and those in the financial industry. The rate of suicide in the general population is 12/100 1000 while there are anywhere from 28 to 40/100 1000 suicides annually among physicians. This translates to about 1 physician suicide daily in the United States over the course of a year. Moreover, some experts argue that this statistic underestimates the scope of the problem. Physician suicides are frequently classified as “accidental fatalities “or “unintentional overdoses” and healthcare organizations are reluctant to publicize these tragic events when they occur.
'Do No Harm' explores this hidden epidemic by chronicling the experiences of medical students, resident physicians, practicing physicians and their families who have been directly affected by physician suicide. Ms. Symon argues that one reason that physician suicide rates are so high is that these highly successful individuals suffer with untreated depression and are fearful of seeking professional help because of being stigmatized as “unfit” by their medical schools, health care organizations or state licensing boards.

For a full "Do No Harm" screening recap, check out the Fall 2019 Edition of the Bucks/Montgomery Physician, coming next month!
Legislative Breakfast Recap

25 members and legislators gathered at the Doylestown Country Club on September 13 for breakfast and a lively discussion of legislative issues pertinent to physicians. Topics ranged from prior authorization to surprise billing, scope of practice to opioids, and ways to remedy recently passed bills or regulations on patient notification and e-prescribing for opioids. Many legislative issues impact patients and our practices. We appreciate the time that legislators, their staff, and area physicians took to be engaged.
A full recap of the Legislative Breakfast will be published in the Fall 2019 Edition of the Bucks/Montgomery Physician, coming next month!
Advocacy Update

  • Prior Authorization - The Prior Authorization Reform bill has not yet been introduced. You are encouraged to contact your legislators to ask them to support the bill once it is introduced.
  • Act 112 - Amendments are being discussed for the Patient Test Result Information Act (Act 112). The amendments would seek to clarify the term "significant abnormality," which could cause confusion for patients.
  • HB 100 - HB 100, which amends the Professional Nursing Law, is still in the committee on House Professional Licensure. You are encouraged to contact your legislators to voice your opposition to this bill.
  • Act 96 - Act 96 of 2018, Pennsylvania's e-prescribing law, is set to take effect on October 24, 2019. More information on Act 96 is available here.

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