Buddha Barn Presents -
A night of Comedy
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Blue Star Presents
A Benefit for a Friend
Dear Friends,

We are proud to announce our first LIVE COMEDY IMPROV NIGHT at Bluestar. We have some of the funniest quick witted, knee jerking, all around fun talent on the shoreline coming to the Buddha Barn! This one of a kind gathering has a special purpose - helping our friend Cynthia Toth and we think you will want to attend!

Helping those in Need...

rinpoche & cynthiaMost of you know our dear friend, Cynthia Toth. She is the coordinator of the Katog Vajra Ling sangha in Connecticut and is the person responsible for first inviting Khentrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche to CT in 2004. Her efforts have made it possible for Khentrul Rinpoche to visit every year, and her wish for the dharma to take root in our community has helped our sangha to grow. If it were not for Cynthia, many of us would not have had the opportunity to meet the teachings. In one way or another, her service to the dharma has touched all of our lives.

This e-mail was sent out from Paul Gustafson on Sept 13 and it reads:

Last week, Cynthia was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She asked me to email all of you to let you know. On Tuesday, she is went to the Smilow Cancer Center at Yale for surgery where they found stage four ovarian cancer. They successfully removed the tumor and now she is recovering. As most of you know this is a very serious condition and Cynthia has a long road to recovery. With our continued support we can help her to make a full recovery. This is an event to generate donations to help support our dear friend Cynthia as she goes through the recovery process.

If you know Cynthia and would like to do something to for her, there are several ways you can offer support:

--Keep her--and all beings who suffer in similar ways-- in your prayers. She truly appreciates the spiritual support. As a spiritual community, one thing all of us can do is to pray for her swift and full recovery. Any and all prayers are good.

Khentrul Rinpoche suggested that we recite the Medicine Buddha mantra for her benefit--Tayatha om bheka dzaye bheka dzaye maha bheka dzaye radza samugate soha

--If you'd like to send Cynthia a note, her mailing address is: Cynthia Toth, Po Box 3064, Branford, CT 06405

--If you are interested in cooking some meals for Cynthia, we're considering organizing a schedule in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in cooking, email Paul Gustafson, pgusty@gmail.com and I'll put your name on this list.
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Comedy On Demand (C.O.D.)

Comedy On Demand traces its roots to April 2003. That's when Ira Sakolsky, a gifted performer and teacher, started up an improv class in a cozy gallery space in East Haddam, Connecticut. Sakolsky, co-owner with his wife Monica of Riverway Studio, a Grammy´┐Ż-Nominated music production facility, had settled in the area after a successful career in film, television, Broadway, Off-Broadway and Regional Theater. He had trained and worked with the late Paul Sills, who founded the first improvisational theater in the United States as well as The Second City and Story Theater. (Sills was the son of Viola Spolin, who developed many of the "theater games" practiced by improv troupes and wrote a seminal book on the subject, Improvisation for the Theater.)

Sakolsky gathered together friends and acquaintances with widely varying levels of experience in theater and improv and began to teach them Sills's techniques. Over the ensuing year, the class shifted and evolved. Eventually, a core cadre of players with a passion for improv and a zest for inspiring laughter coalesced into a performing troupe. The name Comedy On Demand, which member Anna Trusky had coined many years earlier for her comedy writing business, was chosen because it summed up just what the troupe wanted to do: create humor on the spot. The intrepid improvisationalists gained stage experience by doing fundraisers for a variety of worthy causes. Through 2007, they also continued to study with Sakolsky, who was a player in the troupe and co-produced many C.O.D. shows with Monica under their Riverway Studio.

Since 2004, Comedy On Demand has performed to packed, appreciative houses at a wide variety of venues, including Cherrystones, Chester Meeting House, Clinton Town Hall, Essex Steam Train, Florence Griswold Museum, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Gelston House, and La Vita Gustosa. Comedy On Demand continues to evolve, learn, play and grow together.
Music by The MaGeePa Project

Original and provocative, The MaGeePa project is a sound vibe that takes fusion to a new level of funk! Dubbing classic rock beats with jazz and global rhythms, put simply it's a sound not to be missed. A style that sets the psyche right, transporting any audience from daily routines into spinning possibilities and space. A sure fix for any dilemma.mcghee

The tracks send you climbing a musical tree with branches of mood that go from sexy to Zappa within minutes. The band is comprised of five sentient beings sometimes called the universal vibe tribe. Members include but are not limited to Rich McGhee III" Lead horns and coolness, Pete Onofrio: vocals, Didgeridoo, flutes and other things that make noise, Colin Benn viola master Fugan Dunean, John Boiano: drums and Margaux Hayes: vocals and percussion.

The MaGeePa Project

The Buddha Barn

What once was a 19th century hay loft now holds some of the tastiest gatherings a home concert series can have. From Buddhist Rinpoches to Native American elders, to jazz bands and costume parties, yoga sessions to conscious conversations, we proudly host a number of events geared towards enlightened entertainment for our awakening community. The Buddha Barn



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For Reservations to this show click here

Date: October 23, 2010
Location: 325 Race Hill Road Madison CT
Time: 7:00 pm
Suggested Donation: $20

This is a tiny venue with huge atmosphere, space is limited, So reserve your seat today!
contact us here.
We look forward to seeing you, till then live, love and laugh!

Pete Onofrio
Blue Star Studios

and the closing thought is...

"Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in his shoes. That way, when you do criticize him, you're a mile away and you have his shoes."

Pete Onofrio

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