What does The Buddha & BBQ
have in common?

Likely very little, but here at Berbere, you can experience the two together during the soft summer launch of our outdoor garden, doors, and furnishings gallery – Friday, July 3rd.

Should you or your client wish to get a head start on outfitting your outdoor environments, please stop by anytime to see our exceptional collection of Buddhas, as well as a stunning new assortment of the following:

Outdoor Carved Day Beds: From Bali, Thailand & Morocco
Antique Doors: From Mexico, Thailand, Egypt, Morocco & Europe
Fountains: From Morocco - Available in Stone & Tile  
Fire Pits: Iron Kadais from India   
River Rock Stone Basins: From Thailand
(Note: We cannot tell you yet which hotel group is using these, but they are stunning for indoor and outdoor applications.)
Hamman Sinks: Turkish sinks perfect for indoor and outdoor
Large Thai Wood Mandalas: From Thailand available in 2'- 8' 
Tile Table Tops: From Morocco (Round, Oval, and Rectangular)

Welcome to SUMMER!

Love and Happiness,