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set of watercolor sun icons isolated on white
set of watercolor sun icons isolated on white

We are so happy it's JUNE
It's hard to believe it is the official start of summer in only 21 days. This harsh spring weather has been tough on gardens and our psyche. We all know it can snow in May, but ....really? Here's hoping for more warm, sunny days ahead. And happy gardening!

News from Shyrell the Garden Belle
May Garden Center Tips:
What are soil amendments and why use them?
The term soil amendment refers to any material mixed into a soil. It may include compost, fertilizers, manure, and soils. Adding organic matter to coarse soil improves the water and nutrient holding capabilities. Adding it to clay soils improves water and air filtration and allows for deeper rooting. This will improve your soil texture and structure resulting in improved plant growth and vigor.
  • Soil pep is commonly used as an amendment to give added organic nutrients to soil and is used as a main ingredient in many container mixes, greenhouse mixes, potting soils, box gardens and any other general soil preparation. Soil pep can also be used as bark mulch or a top dressing for any landscaping needs as well as land reclamation projects.
  •   Earth Essentials Top Soil may be used to fill in low spots in lawns. Simply place the product in the low areas. If there was no existing grass, add grass seed prior to using Earth Essentials Top Soil. Adding Earth Essentials Top Soil to any existing soil will improve the soil. Top Soil has traditionally been used as an all-purpose amendment. Benefits are increased root growth to lawns and foliage, increase the fertility of the soil, improves drainage, darker foliage, improved moisture retention. 
  •   EKO Organic Outdoor Planting Mix is best for planting boxes, patio pots, hanging baskets, window plantings, whiskey barrels. This is the ideal mix for all types of outdoor container plants. There is no need to add anything, just carefully place your plants, add water as needed, and enjoy the results of using a quality Colorado-made product. EKO Outdoor Planting Mix is 100% organic, and is comprised of EKO Compost, sphagnum peat, pumice and dehydrated poultry waste. This planting mix contains everything your plants need for optimum health and vigor.
  • EKO Compost is for seeding, lawns, planting trees and shrubs, flowers, vegetables and perennials. EKO Compost is 100% organic. It loosens hard packed soil and adds billions of micro-organisms which keep the soil "alive". Micro-organisms are an important part of the composting process. Micro-organisms convert carbon into energy for their own growth. They recycle the nutrients from decaying material into their own bodies and eventually back into the soil. Your plants use the nutrients stored in the micro-organisms for food, and the process begins again. EKO Compost is the top selling compost in Colorado for a reason, and the reason is, it is a uniquely Colorado product, and it works!!
For more information from Colorado Master Gardener GardenNotes click here. 
Layers of soil_ education diagram. Mineral particles_ sand_ humus and stones_ clay_ natural fertilizer. Template for banners_ page_ posters_  illustration.

The seedlings are exuberant from abundant loamy soils and have a digital mineral icon needed for planting.

Two hands of the men making heart-shaped surrounding the seedlings are growing.

 Remember Dad for Father's Day
 June 16 is Dad's Day and it will be here before you know it. Need ideas? Check these out!

Quality garden tools
Kinetic spinners
 Walking sticks, locally made
Outdoor thermometer & clock
Trees & shrubs
Carved granite birdbaths
Garden statuary
Rocking bench
Cornus alba  Siberian Pearls   Dogwood  in a Winter Woodland Setting at Dunham Massey in Rural Cheshire_ England_ UK

While you are in sign Dad up to win a drawing for a Red Twig Dogwood. These hardy shrubs are a big,multi-stemmed bush with year-round appeal. White flowers in summer, red foliage in fall, and red stems in the winter make this plant an exceptional choice. Good to 9,500', part shade to sun, low water needs once established.
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Now Hiring!
Sundance has job openings for seasonal help .
We are looking to hire Landscape Installers and Landscape Maintenance team members. If you or someone you know is interested, please call Dave at 303.670.0358, email dave@sundancegardens.com, or stop in to our shop for an application.
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