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Brr... What chilly weather! But so nice to be cozy inside!


As the year rushes to the end, we've been making the most of the season, with autumn explorations and adventures. The Big Kids have been out and about, on fieldtrips and nature walks, and both Jen and Johanna have blog posts about their class discoveries.


Starting this week, we're so excited to welcome the warm and wonderful Lisa Sars to our centre, helping out with the morning shifts for the next couple of months, while Denet is absent. The application process to extend Denet's work permit is underway, and we're so grateful for the kind words, and show of support for our project. 


There are only 8 tickets left for our lottery and we only have 3 days left to sell them. Details are in the articles below. 


Keeping our strength up, with fresh healthy snacks, gets tricky as the cold comes in, but Aaron Quesnel from Sky Harvest will be in the house on Saturday Nov. 22 to show us how to grow our own mini harvest of ultra nutritious microgreens. Join us this weekend for the first of our Super Saturday Presentations!


And stay warm out there!


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Welcome to Buddings, Lisa!
Big Kids Out and About
Healthful treats are sprouting up - Nov. 22
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Welcome to Buddings, Lisa!


We're so pleased to introduce to you, the newest addition to our regular staff; Lisa Sars, of Butterfly Feet Yoga Dance


She presented at our summer dance party, and has been our favourite substitute teacher whenever we can get her! Starting this week, you'll see her at Buddings most mornings until the middle of January. Watch for her intro on the blog next week, and be sure to say "hello" next time you're in. She's the one with the super-bright smile. ;)


We're so glad to have her bright energy while we make our application to have Denet's work permit extended, and so grateful for the show of support we've seen. It's meant the world to Denet, and we're so happy to let you know there are only 8 tickets left for our Hours-A-Month-Until-March lottery. 


Want to help us get there? Contact Talia for one of the last chances to win 10 hours in December, January, and February! Tickets are $20, and everyone who buys 5 or more gets 3 hours for November as well.


Autumn Update: Big Kids Get Out and About

The autumn has been racing by, and soon it will be December! The Fall Season of our Big Kids' Club classes have been making the most of the season, with a collection of fieldtrips and outdoor explorations.

In Johanna's World Stories class on Tuesdays, they've been experimenting with how music affects stories and storytelling. 

After a month of percussion-based explorations in-house, they take their imaginations abroad, with trips to both the African Art and Drum Store and World Music Store. 

Her post on the blog is full of pictures and sweet music. 

Jen and the kids have been Falling for Nature on Mondays, and their trip to Charleston Park last month has led to an awesome anthology of autumnal stories. 

Submissions are still being accepted, and you'll start seeing some of our favourites on Art of the Week!. 

What an amazing autumn it's been!

Healthful Treats are Sprouting Up - Nov. 22


With more than 30 plants at Buddings (we counted!), taking care of them, and learning about how they grow is an important part of the curriculum. The kids love planting seeds and watering their little green charges. Now that the cold weather has arrived, it's time to put our flower beds to bed, and get bright and beautiful with our indoor grow light. 

To get us started for a season of inside growing, on Saturday, Nov. 22, Aaron Quesnel of SkyHarvest will be stopping in and teaching us about how to raise our own mini-harvests of microgreens. 

With up to 40 times more vitamins than mature plants, and a much shorter grow cycle, microgreens are a fun and fast way for kids to learn about plants, and enjoy a super healthy snack that they can grow themselves.

Aaron's presentation will happen around 11am, with a repeat performance in the afternoon for anyone who missed it. Log in and book your child on Saturday Nov. 22 to take part. 

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