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Oct. 28, 2015 

With only three more sleeps left before Halloween, we're almost completely caught up in decorations, party planning, and of course, choosing costumes! All the teachers are pulling their ideas together, and in honour of Halloween landing on a Saturday, we're getting ready for a super party - AND EVERYONE IS INVITED!! 

Our Open House and Halloween Party is happening on SATURDAY Oct. 31, from 10am - 4pm. If you have kids, or know any, or have friends you've been talking to about Buddings, bring them to the party! The activities will be happening all day with pumpkin carving, snacks, messy mixtures, and of course - the costume catwalk! 

On Friday, Oct. 30, it's also a come-in-costume extravaganza, because, to be honest, if we could have Halloween a few more times a year, we'd be all over it! 

Speaking of strangeness, the Vancouver bike connection, Hub, is running their semi-annual Bike to Work awareness campaign this week, with their big wrap-up party on Friday, Oct. 30. It's about being prepared for winter riding! Who knew? 

Getting swept up in Halloween happens (every year...), but when the sugar-laced dreams clear from our heads, we awake to November, and a whole new time! Buddings is pleased to announce  our new "8am Daycare hour!" That's right! We're open at 8! 

See you then! 

Centre News
Halloween Open House  Party  SATURDAY Oct. 31

Our Happy Halloween Open House Party is happening this Saturday from 10am to 4pm, so it's the perfect place to stop in before you head out! 

A SATURDAY Halloween! Everyone can come to our party! Bring your friends!

Kids: Come "Best Dressed" to walk the Buddings run-way! Pose in the photo booth, and try your hand at the spooky-goopy mystery maze!

Parents: Have a treat, chat with the teachers, and see the centre in action! This is how our social educational program works! 

If you come in costume, and sit for our photo booth, we'll even send you a copy for a souvenir! 

Tricks and treats abound, so get your party started at Buddings! It's free and runs all day!

The Halloween Open House Costume Party is happening on SATURDAY Oct. 31! RSVP here!

Start Sorting: Our Kids' Toy & Clothing Swap Returns - Nov. 22

Just in time for the winter wardrobe change-over: The return of our Kids' Toy & Clothing Swap. 

There's lots of time, but it's time to take a look through those old-ish clothes, and start thinking about what you might be able to pass along. 

Our Swaps have been running successfully since 2012, and while we've fallen into a rhythm, if this your first one, you might have questions. 

This autumn's event is happening on Sunday, Nov. 22, from 11am - 1pm. Clothes, toys, and children's accessories dropped off by 6pm Friday Nov. 20, get FREE entry and up to 10 items FREE! 

It's a first-come-first-swapped basis, so if you've been thinking about saving some money on winter gear, be sure to be early! 
Year-Round Riding - Winter Bike to Work

The city of Vancouver, and the surrounding areas are amazing places to ride, in no small part due to the infrastructure and progressive policies that are helping us to reach the "Greenest City by 2020" goal. 

If you're preparing to pack away your bike for the winter, HUB - your cycling connection, has resources, HUGE prizes, and a fun event to stay your hand. 

This week, they're hosting celebration stations all over the Lower Mainland, a party this Friday, and for the armchair cyclists, a film festival - All About Bikes! 

Find all the details on their website - biketowork.ca
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