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Sept. 30, 2015 

In typical September fashion, the whole month passed like a red shadow over the full moon. It was colourful, and surprising... and then it was over. The kids and teachers were busy all month long, with classes, activities and fieldtrips, and the two Sara(h)s both put posts up on the blog. 

Of course, the shift into autumn has also meant a moving up, and moving on, for some families. Children entering grade 1 are finally too old for our centre. Saying "so long" is always easier than "goodbye," but if it's time to make your exit, we've tried to make it simple. 

As we move into October, we're welcoming lots of new families, and a new teacher as well. Anne Leung is our newest teacher-in-training and we're excited to introduce you. 

Last week, we also had the pleasure of welcoming Jenny Lee from the Vancouver Sun, and photographer Steve Bosch, who came in to find out how our flexible model works. The article was called Finding Success in Flexible Care on the cover of the Sun's Business Section! Thank you so much to the families who gave permission for their kids to participate, and to the teachers for the amazing care we're able to provide.  

October is around the corner, and youuuu-oouuu know what that means... But that's next month. Find September's news below.

Centre News
Anne Leung Rounds Out the Team!

To regular readers, hiring news probably seems like old news, but our newest teacher Anne Leung isn't just another pretty face. She's the swing vote, and the last piece of the puzzle. For the first time ever, Buddings has a full roster of teachers! 

An administrator, four full-time teachers and three part-timers, for flexible care every day! Even on Saturday! Wow! 

Anne comes to Early Childhood Education after a career in online publishing. She was a senior editor with PR distributor Marketwired, where after 10 years, she even became a popular trainer for new colleagues. In fact, when she considered the aspects of her job she enjoyed the most, teaching was top of the list, but she also wanted to learn.

That desire for continuing development led her through MTI's ECE diploma program, and into the most dynamic field of all! As any ECE (and parent!) will say, you can just never know what the kids will do! It's never-ending learning!

We're super excited to welcome her to the floor, and look forward to sharing the adventures on her new career path. 

Now that you know a bit about Anne, be sure to say "hello" next time you're in. :)

A Tale of Two Sara(h)s!! And Two Big Kids Club Classes...

This season, Sara and the kids in Wednesday's Colour Theory class are taking the colours one-by-one, exploring the six sections of the colour wheel. First up, crowd favourite: BLUE! 

Her post,  The Day the Toddlers Became Big Kids, is about their blue explorations. Although... after her class's field trip to Fire Hall #4 last week, red is also a strong contender... ;)

But Wait! There's More!

One thing about Buddings, that all the kids know, is that we have TWO SARA(H)s!!

And the other Sarah leads a Big Kids Class, too!

On Fridays, our other Sarah... the first Sarah... leads her gang of budding builders on a discovery mission into the surprising world of building. Seems there's a lot of confusion!

For one, the Big Bad Wolf isn't all that bad... And according to the book Young Frank, Architect, architecture isn't even limited to buildings. Find the real story on the blog! 

With fieldtrips every week, and amazing learning adventures on a variety of exploration topics, your child can join both Sara(h)s, and all the kids and teachers, at Big Kids Club - weekdays from 1 - 4pm. 

Exiting Buddings - when it's time to go...

When new families join Buddings, there's a lot to go over. Exiting the program is like doing the whole thing in reverse. There are door cards to return and documents to sign, and of course, we'll need to know when to wrap it up. 

There's a bit of a checklist, at your end, and our's, and some of these things take a little time. To clarify the routine, and make sure we're all on the same page, our latest blog post has the ins and outs. Find it here !

And if you're not ready yet, don't worry! The "Exit Strategy" link has also been added to the "Quick Links" section at the bottom of every newsletter. So we don't have to think about it until it's time... 

Quick Links and Parent Resources
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Brain-Based Learning - Making connections
Exit Strategy - How to wrap up 
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