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Remember, remember, it's already November! Wasn't that a fantastic Halloween? No rain, spooky fog, and so many cute little costumes! We have a little recap from our all-day party up on our blog, and families will be receiving the monthly photo collection this week.
There's been tonnes of activity on the blog recently, with Johanna's gnome project summary, and our Toddler Specialist's first post ever! Jayme gives her tips for the biggest question of all - pooping on the potty! (You know you subscribe to a daycare newsletter when that makes headlines...)
We've had so many kids coming in these days! It's a lot of fun, but it sure keeps us hopping! If you could try to remember to bring your door card, we'd appreciate having one less thing to do. 
And we could also use some help! We've got a really exciting opening for a charged-up, web-savvy Educator. Got someone in mind? Send them the job description!
It's a busy little newsletter this week. Read on!
In this newsletter...

We're hiring!
Buddings Halloween Pictures
Toddler Specialist in the house!
Gnomal take over
Don't forget your door card!
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Looking for another incredible educator!


All the kids at Buddings have their favourite teachers, and while we know we're incredibly lucky to have found such amazing staff, we can't help wanting more. We're hiring again, with a special position that will help our centre make waves in the childcare community again!

We see more children pass through our gates than any other centre in the city. That's just the nature of flexible occasional care. So no one has more experience with dealing with anxiety, separation, potty training, or taking turns than our amazing educators. We've got lots of tips and tricks, and we want to create a resource manual for ECEs, to collect and share our best strategies. 

We're looking for a young educator with a passion for web-development, and a writing style that flows from the page. The job will primarily be working on the floor with the kids, but a portion of this position will entail developing the resource, penning the information, and training the centre staff in its use. Find the JOB DESCRIPTION on our website.

It's a tall order, and the successful applicant will great tonnes of support and even training in web development. At the end of this one-year contract, this person will be ideally positioned to move into a supervisory and training position with our growing company! 

Check out the job description on our website and apply by emailing with your resume and cover letter. And if you have a friend who might fit the description, please forward the link to them! 
Buddings Halloween Pictures


We hope you had a very scary (but not too scary) Halloween this year, and want to thank and congratulate all the kids for their adorable costumes! It was a spooky party-extravaganza here at daycare and if your child was in attendance in October, the Photos for Families are coming soon. 
For the public page, we've picked a few of our best non-identifying photos to share. Check our blog for a recap of our favourite day at daycare!
Toddler Specialist in the house!

When we first introduced her to you, we told you that Jayme Ross has tonnes of experience working with toddlers, AND that she would soon be sharing her insight with you, on the blog! 

So, by popular request, she's put her expertise with toddlers in writing, and shares her answers to the most common question we hear: How to get an otherwise toilet-trained child to poop in the potty.

It's a super common complaint, and there are tonnes of reasons and strategies, so if you've been wrestling with this matter, hop over to the blog for the Buddings Toddler Specialist's first post! 
Gnomes take over the daycare! Well, the lentil table...


Our autumn exploration has come to a close, but before they left us for the month, Johanna, the BLOOM kids, and their friendly gnomes had an explosion of activity, creating an autumn display for all to see!

The painted pine cones and pumpkin patch were all arranged in the lentil table and the kids gathered round to explain the gnome world. 

The blog post for the month is up, and Johanna's program planning is getting better and better. Check out her write-up online

Don't forget your door card!


Access to your daycare is absolutely imperative, and we know it! We provide all families with as many door key cards are necessary to make sure all the parents and caregivers can get in and out. 

But it's also really important to bring the card with you when you come. The doorbell is always an option, but please, let's try to bring our keys. When you ring the bell, the dog dashes out, and all the kids throw down their activities to see who's coming in. 

With up to 12 and 14 kids in the space at any time, that's a lot of reorganizing to do, and if we could reduce the distractions, it would be less chaotic for everyone. 

If you've lost your card, please request a new one next time you're in. 
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