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You can book your life around you childcare, or your childcare around your life...

April 2011



It's been a long time coming but Budding Children's Garden & Daycare is ready to accept applications for the fall season. If you'd like to register your child for Buddings' occasional program, or even if you're simply interested in how our centre works, you'll find all you need to know here. 


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The Buddings Difference
How it works...
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The Buddings Difference

You can book your life around your childcare, or your childcare around your life.


At Buddings, we provide an Early Childhood Education-based environment, offering children aged 3 - 5 the opportunities they need to socialize, discover, share and learn. Our fantastic staff are trained professionals that your children will love. Incorporating both free and structured play, our holistic curriculum also teaches respect and appreciation for the natural world. The Buddings difference is that we provide this environment on a flexible and occasional basis, around the busy lives of modern families.  


Not everyone works 9 - 5. We know lots of parents who choose to work from home to be close to their kids. But sometimes you have a meeting that you need to attend. Sometimes it's a doctor's appointment. And sometimes, you just need a break. Whatever the reason, Buddings families have anytime access to their favourite care centre, and with the click of a button, the time is booked.  


Reserving a spot in a conventional care centre requires full payment for the hours in the month, regardless of use, wasting spots when children do not attend. Through the use of technology, Buddings is able to manage the varying needs of almost 4 times as many families, ensuring that each uses only the hours they need, freeing up the hours they don't.   


How it works

You can book your life around your childcare, or your childcare around your life.


In applying to Become a Buddy, parents choose the Use Package that reflects their anticipated needs for the season. Seasons are 3 months and families are contracted for the duration, booking up to 40 hours per month.  


There are two packages available:

  • Package A: 65 hours - $1,105 ($368/month)
  • Package B: 120 hours - $1,950  ($650/month) 

A One Month Review is conducted at the end of the first month and parents and staff assess the fit of the centre for the child, as well as the appropriateness of the Use Package.


Payments are processed online by credit card after which parents receive a username and password, allowing them to begin reserving time.  


Become a Buddy

You can book your life around your childcare, or your childcare around your life.


1. Apply: Our website is almost ready and will launch on June 1.


2. Interviews: Applicants will be contacted and interviews will be conducted through July.  


3. Get to know us! We hope that you'll join us for one of our Open House Parties in August, where you'll get to meet the staff and other families, and check out our new facility. Be sure to check out This Week At Buddings to find out when they are happening, and RSVP if you'd like to attend. 


Final selections will be completed in the first weeks of August.   


New occasional care centre opens in Vancouver with flexible hours and anytime access for reservations 

Bee and stem

April 2011, Vancouver: Budding Children's Garden & Daycare offers a new childcare option for modern families, answering the call for variable care, and extended hours. The centre, set to open in Sept. 2011, is the first of its kind in Vancouver, offering high-quality childcare, delivered by trained Early Childhood Educators (ECE), on an occasional basis.


Owner and educator at the centre, Lawrence Erickson explained the importance of offering professional care around the needs of the families he serves.


"The regular work-day doesn't always mean 8 hours at a workplace anymore. Part-time work, variable shifts, or stay-at-home parents can all use a few hours of occasional care. Especially when the social benefits to their children can be easily scheduled around other commitments. We saw an opportunity to provide that option to families who, like us, don't necessarily fall into that old-fashioned definition of "normal."


"We know how hard parents work to make sure their children are well cared-for, but we don't think they should have to work that hard to accommodate the rules and restrictions of their childcare. At Buddings, we balance the well-being and development of the children while acknowledging that parents have needs too."


 Occasional care means a maximum of 40 hours per month, and Erickson says the demand for shorter hours, if they are conveniently scheduled, is higher than people realize.  


"We spoke to over a hundred families, and the response was very clear. Given the option, parents would rather pay a bit more per hour and use less time, which means that our centre will be able to serve almost four times as many families. Our hours, from 10am - 7pm, adds that extra bit of time at the end of the day when parents need it. 


"It's not for everyone, of course, but for the families who otherwise wouldn't necessarily need to put their kids in an early learning environment, Buddings provides the opportunity, at their convenience.



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