Hello Steeler! This newsletter announces the release of Derby Duo #2, and I couldn't be more enthused about making it available to you!

Two of the most beautiful tunes ever written for steel guitar and played by the undisputed master of steel (The Big E) are featured in this package, and contain some fresh approaches. In 2006 at the St. Louis convention, Buddy played what I believe to be his best performance of "Nameless Shuffle". (I don't remember ever hearing anyone cover this version before, or offer tab for it). Not only did he play some fabulous solos in the keys of both G and Eb, but he played the tastiest fills ever behind Laney Hicks as she added words to his original Melody. My version doesn't have words, but contains all the solos and fills plus an added intro and it ends with an additional chorus solo. There is more than 5 minutes of Emmons style non-stop steel pickin' on this one song alone! Everything is accurately tabbed suing a method similar to Jeff Newman's tab method.

The second song is the ever popular "My Weakness Is Too Strong". It's very close to a Live version Buddy played at Scotty's Christmas party in 2001. It can be played with a minimum of pedals and levers, and is SO MUCH FUN to play! The backing tracks are great and will make your playing experience even better!
Slowed down versions of all audio are supplied with the package.

I've included Youtube links to both Buddy's live versions I used to create this from, and also an "Audio Tour" of my versions of the songs and the Derby Duo #2 package in general.

I'm offering it with a CD and Tab Book which will be mailed to your address, or as a digital download which will be sent to your email address soon after I receive your order.

Thanks so much, and have fun with these two legendary classics!

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