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"I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons."
-St. John Henry Cardinal Newman, C.O.
 The Brooklyn Oratory Parishes
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Boniface
July 6, 2021
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Meaghan and Nick Barnicle celebrated the Baptism of their son a few weeks ago at Assumption. Fr. Seamus Finn, a long-time friend of the family joined us for the celebration. Welcome to our young brother in the faith!
From Your Pastors
Many of you know Buddy or at least of Buddy from liturgies and our YouTube channel. Buddy is a rescue and has been with us now for 3 years. He feels secure in the Oratory, though unknown sounds and sudden changes can create fear and anxiety for him. He can also be afraid of new things, animals, and people, especially when there is fast movement, or the other animals are much larger than he. In some way, Buddy is not too much different than many of us people. We can be most comfortable with the familiar, the known, the similar. Life seems smoothest perhaps when there is not too much stress on our emotional bandwidth and when it's clear how to navigate the various landscapes of life.

This past week, Buddy went on vacation, the first in quite a while for many of us. It was a simple trip to see family and have a brief respite from the routines of life, especially after the last 18 months which have demanded much from all of us. Buddy was quite happy to get his lifetime beach permit and to have a chance to run on the beach in the evening. Now, Buddy is not a water dog but he enjoys running in the sand and likes getting wet to cool off. On his recent evening run, he met Tilghman, a nine-month-old Golden Retrievercurrently weighing at 90 lbs. Buddy’s human (Fr. Michael) was ready to scoop him up, anticipating anxiety driven aggression when Buddy surprised him. Instead of running away in fear, or barking aggressively to ward off the incoming unknown, Buddy silently went right up to Tilghman and jumped up to face him on the same level. Then, the tails started wagging and an episode of play and run and rolling ensued. The two became fast friends.

Perhaps as we get some time this summer in our recovery from the pandemic, we might take a cue from Buddy and Tilghman and look at how we act and react to the differences among us and in our circles of community. We need not be the same to find joy in a moment together. Nor need we simply hold to the safety of our defined universes. Trying to see each other as we are, looking into one another’s faces, acknowledging our differences without fear, might be a starting point in knitting our unity and affection from the diversity of our lives.

Fr. Michael Callaghan, c.o. and Fr. Mark Lane, c.o.
Mass Intentions
If you would like to request a Mass for someone living or deceased, Mass intentions are available. Email The offering is $20. Please pay by using Pushpay or by mailing a check to 64 Middagh St. Brooklyn, NY 11201.

If you would like to reserve Masses for 2022, email your dates and we will be in touch.
Reminder: Please Use Caution When Reading Your Emails
Another round of scam emails asking you to buy gift cards has hit the parishes. Please DO NOT FALL FOR THESE. None of the priests or your fellow parishioners will ask you to buy gift cards and then send them the numbers of those cards. These are scams preying on your generosity.
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Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Boniface
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