Understanding the school district budget is one of the most important financial responsibilities of a school Superintendent, regardless of the size of the district. This virtual workshop is designed for early-career Superintendents (1st - 5th years), but is also helpful for any other Superintendent/administrator, who would benefit from a very basic workshop on the school district budget.

Via Zoom, we will walk through the budget process from development of the tentative budget through adoption of the final budget. Participants will learn basic budget terminology and review timelines, requirements and forms that are used in the budget process. An in-depth look at fund accounting codes, individual budget line items, how to “find the numbers” and new requirements for FY 2021 budgets will also be covered.

Participants are asked to have available a copy of their district’s FY 20 state budget form and FY 20 final line item expenditure report (as of June 30, 2020). 

Presenter – Diane Robertson, IASA Field Services Director and retired Illinois Superintendent

Workshop Cost:   $95 per participant

Participants will receive an Evidence of Completion Form for 3 CPD hours; this workshop is not eligible for AA credit.

We must have a minimum of 5 participants registered at each workshop time to conduct the workshop.

Please review a list of the following dates and times this workshop will be offered then click on the link to register. A follow-up email will be sent at a later date with a Zoom invitation to join the workshop.