District Leadership Team holds Town Hall Meetings
in order to present draft budget.

After holding very effective meetings with the Rochester delegation, including Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle, Assemblyman Harry Bronson, Assemblyman David Gant, and Senators Robach and Funke in order to make the case for more state aid, the Leadership Team is holding Town Hall Meetings to inform the both internal and external stakeholders about the difficulties being faced in this year’s budget.

The District’s Chiefs have also had a multitude of meetings, including Chief of Operations Schmidt, who has been holding meetings with transportation leaders, security leaders, and other operational leaders. The Educational Chiefs have also been busy meeting with Principals and other Teaching and Learning leaders throughout the District. The Town Hall presentations are focused on areas of concern that surfaced during the 100-Day Plan Process. The input has been invaluable in helping my team prioritize budget concerns.

Budget Update

I have personally been working with the Executive Cabinet and the Management Team in order to work on the budget to ensure the schools are appropriately funded to meet federal and state mandates, and students are provided the services and supports they need to achieve their academic goals. We are still working on plans to address the remaining budget gap and present a balance budget to the Board of Education. 

So far, the BOE has held two public hearings and one budget deliberation; two more deliberations are schedule for the month of April.

Schools’ Staffing Meetings

Chiefs have met with all Principals to review the staffing template provided by HCI.  Potential changes and/or adjustments have been discussed with the Budget Team, HCI Team, and Special Education during these meetings.   

Now that the NYS Budget has been passed, follow up meetings will occur over the next week to ensure that the finalized staffing is appropriately reflected in the proposed budget. The school leadership is working with SBPTs as they begin to organize the schools to utilize the additional staff and master schedule to support the needs of all children.

Upcoming Budget Events
  • Tuesday, April 11 (6 p.m.); Second Board of Education Budget Deliberation
  • Tuesday, April 25 (6 p.m.); Third Board of Education Budget Deliberation
  • Thursday, May 11 (6 p.m.); Special Board of Education Meeting for Budget Adoption
  • Wednesday, June 14; Joint City Council and Board of Education Hearing District Budget
  • Tuesday, June 20; City Council meeting for Budget Approval

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