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Fiscal Plan Ideas
I’m not one to wait around for other or to finger point and blame others. So, I have developed one set of ideas to generate conversation. It just took us 30 days just to pass the budget and not even fully pass the budget. I have strong concerns that an August Special Session will not be enough time to take on several big issues so we need to work now.
Please take a look at this proposal. It includes a constitutional amendment to protect the Permanent Fund and dividend, the statutory 50/50 dividend, new revenue from an oil tax increase, sales tax, and fuel tax. The budget reductions come from addressing our public health crises with child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, substance misuse, and addiction. It also includes how it would work, how soon it could be implemented, who likes it, and who has to compromise. 

There are many different options, but it’s time we get something on the table because this year needs to be the year for action and because some won’t vote for a PFD change without new revenue and others won’t vote for revenue without a bigger PFD and putting the dividend in the constitution.
Please click the links below for a larger version of the chart as well as a feedback form for public comment.
Juneteenth Anchorage Events
Juneteenth Anchorage is hosting many different events for Juneteenth this year, including the main Citywide Celebration at the Northway Mall! The event is free to attend for all - come by and listen to live music, presentations, see art, and support local vendors!

The Anchorage Museum is also going to have free admission for the public to see their current exhibit, "Black Lives in Alaska: Journey, Justice, Joy." For a full list of all of the events happening on Juneteenth (June 19th) and during the month of June, please check out the links below.

I will have a booth for Juneteenth Anchorage! Please come say hello if you are attending.
Juneteenth Anchorage Events
Pleas take a few minutes to fill out this survey from the Department of Transportation! They are looking for public input as they create their 2050 Long-Range Transportation and Freight Plan.

Your comments can help inform the state as they plan for Alaska's infrastructure and transportation future! Please click on the link below to access the survey.
Airport Heights
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