Budget Reminders: February 28

As part of Idaho State University's ongoing communication related to the budget, I would like to share the following reminders and updates with the campus community.

Helpful Reminders
  • Unit budget development plans and narratives are due today, February 28, to Jen Steele at steejenn@isu.edu.

  • We have created a process flowchart to illustrate the inputs and decision points for building the FY2021 budget.

  • We continue to attend and welcome the opportunity to speak at departmental meetings to answer questions for you and your teams.

  • Please share your ideas and feedback through the budget website or finance@isu.edu.

Financial Overviews
Earlier this month, we kicked off a series of informational presentations designed to develop a common base of knowledge and understanding of ISU finances. By increasing financial knowledge and understanding we will be better positioned to garner the collective best thinking of the university community in addressing budgetary challenges and opportunities.
Following up on the revenue overview , we have posted an expense overview that looks at expenditure classifications and trends over the past seven years. I encourage you to take 15 minutes to view these resources and share your questions and feedback.
Budget Savings Ideas
Each of the more than 300 budget savings ideas submitted through the budget website have been assigned a Leadership Council lead for review and analysis. Leads will be bringing their responses and recommendations back to Leadership Council in late March. We will incorporate ideas into the FY2021 budget as feasible, while continuing to analyze ideas that have longer-term and broader university-wide budgetary impacts. We will post a list of all submitted ideas and their initial resolution to the budget website in April.

Glen R. Nelson, Ph.D.
Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs
Send comments, feedback, and questions to glennelson@isu.edu .