Budget Trailer Bills Update
Legislature Begins Work on Trailer Bills; Housing-Planning/Homeless Related Language Not Yet in Print
Last week, the Legislature took up and passed numerous trailer bills that help implement the main budget bill, which are now on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk.

League News

On June 10, the League, joined by a coalition of cities, counties and other state municipal leagues, filed its opening brief in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the FCC’s adoption of the small cell regulations on Sept. 26, 2018, which went into effect on Dec. 25, 2018.
League General Assembly will be Held Oct. 18

Policy development is a key part of the League legislative effectiveness. The League’s annual conference resolutions process is one way that city officials can directly participate in the development of League policy. The deadline to submit resolutions is Aug. 17. 
Opportunities for Cities

The League’s co-sponsorship of the California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA) continues to be one of the most significant benefits for League members. CSCDA announced the closing of a $7.8 million tax-exempt loan for the benefit of Lodestar, a Lighthouse Community Charter School, located in Oakland.

The Office of the Attorney General has made a total of $26 million in grant funding available statewide for FY 2019–20 to local governments and law enforcement agencies through the California Department of Justice’s Tobacco Grant Program. The deadline to apply for this grant opportunity is July 12.
Conferences & Education

The League formally announces the City Clerks Workshop, "Through the Lens of a Voter — A Closer Look at Elections," which will be held Oct. 16 during the League’s 2019 Annual Conference & Expo. California city leaders will gather for the annual event on Oct. 16 – 18 in Long Beach. 

Communities across the country are navigating rising housing costs and declining transportation infrastructure. Failing to address such issues not only raises social considerations, but can also have legal implications and create liabilities for cities and counties. Best Best & Krieger LLP is offering a free webinar series with a holistic approach focused on putting the “US” back into “housing.”
More News & Events

Legislative policy committees are in full swing. Many of the League’s HOT bills will be heard in committees this week, including AB 1286 (Muratsuchi), AB 516 (Chiu) and AB 213 (Reyes). The Legislature will adjourn July 12 for its summer recess, returning on Aug. 12. The League will continue monitoring several bills affecting cities.  

Keeping track of legislation that affects your city can be challenging. The League mobile application provides an easy way to respond promptly to action alerts. Are you taking advantage of this convenient tool?