Although trees are an integral part of every property, they oftentimes do not get cared for until a problem occurs. Whether that's a storm knocking it down or creating hazardous branches above, or tree limbs blocking signage or parking lot lights, we get little requests for tree care. However, we oftentimes do propose tree care as a part of most annual property maintenance budgets.

We do occasionally have customers question why tree care is not a part of the annual maintenance program. The simplest answer is that the work is subjective and non reoccurring on an annual basis, thus difficult to fit into an annual maintenance program and price. For example, most trees do not need to be pruned for the first 5 years after being planted. At that point, pruning needs are based on the tree, its location, and the surrounding buildings and landscape. Most street and parking lot trees should be limbed up every 3-5 years to enable vehicle and pedestrian traffic to pass underneath. Trees next to signs and lights need to be evaluated and trimmed to allow view and light to shine where desired. A somewhat controversial topic is that some tree plantings are too close together and before a problem forms, thinning should be considered, as allowed by local tree ordinance.

Trees are a part of the property's asset and should be managed accordingly. If allowed to grow without thoughtful evaluation of potential growth and age related negative impacts to the property and surrounding landscape, a greater cost will likely occur without preventative maintenance and care.