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Boston's health, by T stop: neighborhoods near but 'health worlds apart'

"Get off at Dudley Square, the diabetes rate is 11 percent; get off at Arlington, it's just 3 percent."  A bill I've filed would establish an Office of Health Equity to focus on reducing these types of health disparities along the lines of race, ethnicity or disability.

Pope Francis steps up campaign on climate change, to conservatives' alarm
The New York Times

Good for Pope Francis. The world needs the help.
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Spring means ballparks, dog parks and the state budget.  The House just passed its version of the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  Now it's the Senate's turn.

In drafting proposed amendments, I'm focusing on statewide issues of human services and environmental protection.  I'm emphasizing district priorities too, including reimbursement aid to support Bedford for educating the kids of military families living on Hanscom, and Concord for hosting two state-run prisons.

Three more goals for the district: funding for Budget Buddies, a group out of Chelmsford that offers financial literacy training to low-income women; financing the water quality testing of three local rivers -- the Sudbury, Assabet and Concord; and ensuring continued operation of the Greene Pool at the Fernald Center in Waltham, an accessible facility valued by people with disabilities.








Sen. Mike Barrett

Investing in the arts pays off
Non-profit cultural organizations spur economic growth.  One dollar spent on the arts brings in $2.30 for local businesses.  On the left, speaking with constituents with MASSCreative.  On the right, with Rob Mitchell of Concord, Carole Charnow of Bedford, Jerry Wedge of Concord, Allene Kussin of Concord and Belinda Jentz of Waltham. 
100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genoice
Joined Gov. Baker to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.  Somber moment, lightened by survivors' strength embodied in an entire nation.  Huge turnout of Armenian Americans, their friends, and their admirers. 
BC in MA
Revenue-neutral carbon pricing can work, and work well.  That was the message conveyed by a delegation from British Columbia -- a Canadian province similar to our state in population size -- which has put "a price on carbon" since 2008.  The group swung by Boston and Cambridge a few weeks back.  Together with Lexington resident and MIT expert Chris Knittel, I appeared with B.C. officials on an MIT panel.