March 2014

March's Financial Tip:  In reviewing what you did right and wrong in 2013, what stands out?  For most, it's the inability to come up with issues when emergencies happen.  How to solve this, do a Budget!  Do you know that most people don't budget, and then are scrambling when emergencies happen.  I have an easy spreadsheet that can show you how much you spend and help you determine how much you can save.  We suggest 10% of your income for future.  Start paying yourself first and the next time an emergency happens notice how much easier it is to manage.  If the most profitable companies do it, maybe it can work for you! Remember, saving provides choices when it really counts!

Markets:    Global markets continued strong into 2014.  We've seen stronger commodity prices, and the out of favour resource and commodity stocks have seen some recovery. 
Are we really seeing a strong setback in Emerging Markets?  After reading a number of analysts specializing in Emerging markets, many feel it's becoming oversold.
It's expected that 2014 will be more "choppy" than 2013, as markets are now fairly valued, and there are fewer options for strong growth.
Note, the one interesting factor is that there is still a lot of money on the sidelines, and if we start to see this move to the equity markets, it can keep the strong momentum going.
Federal Budget:  Read about the changes that have been introduced.  Testamentary trusts will be less beneficial in the future as the graduated tax rates are being eliminated effective 2016.   2014 Federal Budget
Wealth Matters:  Reducing Tax when naming beneficiaries on your RRIF's-RRSP's was featured on Feb. 12.  To access the webcast go to The Wealth Matters & in The Wealth Matters section of


The big picture still entails that a long-term responsible fiscal plan is in order. To help keep you up to date on this beyond the headlines, read our "Big Picture", which features the market story with new highs being hit in the US.  Also, see "Playbook" for a quick snapshot of
market announcements.  These are updated regularly and help identify how these events can play out on the markets. 

Favourite Websites: This website has some great tips on budgeting and how to make your money last.  I found some ideas particularly helpful for kids.


Tax Time is Upon Us:

All RRSP receipts from Assante are now  mailed weekly.  Please ensure you have all receipts before completing your tax return.


Get Your Tax Software Here: TurboTax


If you have a Cash Account with Assante, or any institution that holds investments or trust units, they have until Feb. 28 & March 31 to mail the receipts.  Please call us to verify which receipts you should have to ensure your tax return can be completed accurately the first time.


ONLINE STATEMENTS NOW AVAILABLE:  Have you set yourself up on Assante InvestorOnline?  It's time, as we now have online statements and the ability to print your own receipts and more.

You can even elect to receive electronic copies only, and save some paper. To get set up, or learn more, go to, and click on Client Statements.  There's even a tax receipt schedule to help you identify when you will receive them.


Need an accountant:  I am happy to provide a recommendation.  I work with many, and can find a good fit for your needs.  Just call the office to discuss your priorities. 



Thank You for Coming to the Assante Richmond Hill Grand Opening on February 11.  We celebrated with many of you.  We are thrilled to share some on the website.

We thank many of you who came to enjoy the evening, and see our new offices.  We enjoyed some great food from Marlowe's Restaurant, wine and persecco complements of Hobbs Wines Distributors, and some great company.  We look forward to continuing to serve the community of Richmond Hill and York Region through offering the many financial planning services, and helping to support the many organizations that make the community great.  Pictures are available on our website.


We are also in Snapd Richmond Hill, in March covering our Grand Opening Event. 



Janine will be featured on Rogers Daytime York Region on March 19th, 2014 speaking on Tax Tips and Planning for the year ahead.


See Assante in the news, through the ads on the Hockey Night in Canada games.  Let us know what you think.


Travelling Soon Anyone?  If you need Travel Insurance, we now offer a quick and easy solution.   Just go to this link on our website and sign up right away. Travel Insurance. Any questions, please give us a call to help.

Business Achievement Awards:  Come celebrate Business Excellence in Richmond Hill! As a proud member of the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce, it has been one of my best resources for Professional businesses to which I can refer my clients.  One of the biggest events of the year is the upcoming awards ceremony.  Please consider joining me at this exciting event on March 5th, starting at 6:00pm.  For more information and to purchase your tickets, go to RHCOC



REFERRALS: Thank you for your referrals. We really appreciate you passing along our name.  If you know somebody who needs a 2nd opinion on their portfolio, or who really needs to focus on planning for the future and setting some objectives, that's what I specialize in.  Ensuring you have the retirement income you need and paying the least amount of tax along the way is how I help you to meet your personal financial objectives.  


March 8th , International Women's Day:  Enjoy the Women's Day Expo at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Arts on Mar. 8, 2-4pm.  Then have a special evening out featuring Sandra Bernhardt.  Right now, you can get 10% off your tickets, by using the coupon code "Angel". For tickets, or more information, go here


"Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."   
     William Jennings Bryan 


So, I encourage you to take 1 step towards improving the future, whether it be yours' or the worlds'!



Janine Purves, CFP, CPCA



Please feel free to pass these e-mails on to contacts, friends & family who may find them helpful.


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Dates to Remember



March 3: RRSP Deadline, 2013
March 5:
Business Achievement Awards for Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce
March 8: International Women's Day Expo, Sandra Bernhardt Show all at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts
March 15: 1st Personal Tax installment date.
March 19:
Janine will be featured on Rogers Daytime York Region speaking on Tax Tips and Planning for the year ahead.
March 25: 
"Business After 5" Chamber Networking Session - Join us at the New Assante offices.
March 26: Women & Money Workshop
April 30, 2014:
Personal Tax Deadline
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