Sadie Bow, Junior Agricultural Media & Communication major, discusses her
ongoing internship experience.

Where are you completing your internship?

My internship is with the President’s Office at West Texas A&M University.

How will your internship help prepare you for post-graduation?

My internship has provided me with many valuable marketable skills that I will be able to take with me post-graduation. I have learned the importance of time management and critical thinking. I am able to work hands-on with large projects and initiatives that give me first-hand experience with a variety of outcomes and obstacles to overcome. I am thankful for all the opportunities and experiences that have been and will continue to be presented in my internship.

Describe what you are doing during your internship.

As the Communication and Community Outreach Administrative Support Intern, I oversee
Dr. Wendler’s Communication and Community Outreach Program. I assign tasks to writer interns and make sure the process is going smoothly. I also database every letter distributed from the initiative in a variety of excel spreadsheets. I have had the opportunity to create and schedule posts for Dr. Wendler’s social media platforms as well. In addition to these tasks, I help with a Bi-Yearly Update distributed to Texas Representatives, provide a monthly review of the initiative, and help with a variety of communication and community outreach projects. I help with any additional correspondence for the office as needed.