Colton Bourquin , a May 2020 graduate with a B.S. Agricultural Business and Economics, tells about his internship in the Nation's Capital.

Where did you complete your internship?

I interned in Washington, D.C. in the U.S. House of Representatives with Congressman K. Michael Conaway

How did your internship help prepare you post-graduation?

I believe my internship helped prepare me in numerous ways. I was able to open my eyes more than I ever had in a brand-new city halfway across the country. It gave me the opportunity to get a new perspective on not only life, but also on career goals and aspirations. I was surrounded by great staffers working in Congressman Conaway’s office, and thanks to them, I was forced outside of my comfort zone and given the opportunity to grow.

Describe briefly what you did for your internship.

While working on Capitol Hill, I served as the Tour Coordinator for Congressman Conaway’s office. In that role, I booked tours to all the major D.C. hot spots for the constituents of TX-11, Representative Conaway's district. I also had the opportunity to work on many legislative and scheduling projects alongside the staffers. I was able to give tours of the Capitol to the constituents, and build a network that now stretches from D.C. to Texas.