Joselyn Gutierrez , A recent 2020 graduate with a B.S. in Wildlife Biology, and M.S. Biology student tells about her internship with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Where did you complete your internship?

I interned for the Wildlife Division of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. I was an Urban Wildlife Intern in El Paso, TX.

How did your internship help prepare you post-graduation?

The internship program provided me with a realistic view of what a career with TPWD really entails. It gave me an opportunity to gain practical experience, knowledge, and skills within a natural resource field, which will make me a competitive candidate and serve as a catalyst in future endeavors to enhance both the economy and the environment.

Describe briefly what you did for your internship.

Under the direction of the Urban Wildlife Biologist in El Paso, I participated in multiple components of the El Paso Urban Wildlife Program. I served as a field technician working with a biologist to conduct wildlife surveys such as dove trapping and banding in partnership with the. US Fish and Wildlife Service to determine harvest regulations, distribution trends and longevity of doves.I also assisted with monitoring, trapping, and banding burrowing owls to determine the most successful artificial nest site design to increase maximum reproductive output and owl survivorship of the Western Burrowing Owl.