Elizabeth Diller, a recent 2020 graduate with a B.S. in Biology, tells about her internship in the healthcare field.

Where did you complete your internship?

I completed my internship at BSA CareXpress under Dr. Cox, MD.

How did your internship help prepare you post-graduation?

Upon the completion of internship at BSA CareXpress, my understanding of what it takes to be a healthcare worker increased significantly. Not only was I able to put my Biology education to use, but also I had the opportunity to observe the supportive environment provided to patients by the medical staff. Each interaction with a visiting patient, from how they were greeted upon arrival to the care they received in the exam room, played an important role in their visit. The most important quality any healthcare worker can have is to care. Dr. Cox and his staff at BSA CareXpress exhibited kindness, compassion, honesty, and integrity within their facility. I have since had the opportunity to follow their example while working as a Nurse Technician at my hometown’s local hospital. After shadowing Dr. Cox, I have a better understanding of what exactly patients are experiencing physically, as well as mentally, and am able to interact with them in a manner that meets their needs. I am thankful for the foundation that this internship provided me for my career.

Describe briefly what you did for your internship.

I shadowed Dr. Cox, a Family Medicine Doctor. I observed cases presented at his clinic where he was able to explain the symptoms, causes, and treatment of illness.