Dr. Benjamin Newcomer joins the VERO program from Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine. During his time there, he was pursuing a PhD in bovine infectious disease and seeking specialized training in herd health, internal medicine, and toxicology. Prior to that, he received his DVM degree from University of Florida. Immediately following, he practiced dairy production medicine at a large dairy in central California for several years. While working, Dr. Newcomer also served with Christian Veterinary Mission in the Central African Republic, assisting pastoralists and small farmers with their cattle.

“I was motivated to pursue the position at WT and VERO because of the emphasis on practical education and the focus on livestock production management and rural practice. The Texas panhandle has the fastest growing dairy industry in the country and there are increasing opportunities, not only for dairy veterinarians but for those with interests in Ag Business, Ag Engineering, Ag Communications, and other fields. I am excited to help prepare both undergraduate and graduate students for those opportunities within the Panhandle, both on dairies and other livestock enterprises. While the main appointment of my position will be in teaching, I am also excited to be involved in collaborative ongoing research efforts. My past research efforts have focused on bovine infectious disease, but I am also interested in addressing practical issues in general dairy production and management as well as public health and food safety.”