September 14, 2020
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Dr. Craig Bednarz featured on
No-Till Farmer Podcast
Dr. Craig Bednarz, Associate Professor of Plant, Soil and Environmental Sciences, was featured on last week's No-Till Farmers Podcast: Getting Behind No-Till, Cover Crops in the Semi-Arid U.S. Dr. Bednarz, Director of the West Texas A&M Semi-Arid Agricultural Systems discusses his recent appointment, the big changes in store for the research program.
First Clone of Endangered Przewalski’s Horse Born in Conservation Effort to Save the Species
Pictured Above
Animal Science Graduate Students: Jessica Looman, Sydney Hickerson and Maggie Murphy
Animal Science Undergraduate Students: Eryah Mora and Kelsey Shields
The first successfully cloned endangered Przewalski’s horse was born on Aug. 6 at Timber Creek Veterinary Clinic in Canyon, by Dr. Gregg VeneKlasen and foaled out by WT students.
The horse was cloned from DNA of a male Przewalski’s horse cryopreserved by the zoo in 1980. Przewalski’s horses are “critically endangered” animals that are found in Mongolia, per Smithsonian’s National Zoo. They’re considered the last species of “truly wild horses” and are “distant cousins” of modern day domestic horses.
Life, Earth & Environmental Sciences Department Receives New Equipment
Students in Geology classes are excited about new microscopes! Thanks to a partnership between the Paul & Virginia Engler Foundation and the Office of the Vice President of Research and Compliance, new microscopes were purchased and are currently being used in geological science laboratories. This is one of several recent equipment purchases in the Departments of Life, Earth & Environmental Sciences and Chemistry & Physics that will be featured in the Buff Brief over the next few weeks.
First United Bank Recognizes Worthy WT Students
Nine outstanding students have been awarded $4,000 each through a scholarship endowment from First United Bank.
The First United Bank Scholarship, which recognizes nine students annually, was set up as part of the bank’s 2005 pledge to name the First United Bank Center.
“It has been an honor and privilege to participate with WT on these endowed scholarships over the last 15 years,” said Michael L. Bain, president of First United Bank. “We developed an emphasis on the parameters of this assistance to focus on students who are applying themselves in big ways in their respective fields of study and are extremely proud to be a part of many graduates of WT that are out our regional workforce today making a difference for us all.”
Paul Engler College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences Recipients:
  • Claudia Padilla, SR. Agribusiness, Dimmitt, TX
  • Reese Patterson, Post-Baccalaureate Biology, Canyon, TX
  • Jaci Perkins, SR. Biology, Amarillo, TX
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