October 5, 2020
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Did You Know?
  • The most popular cheese recipe in the United States is "macaroni and cheese."
  • There are around 2,000 varieties of cheese. Visit Cheese.com for a large list of types.
  • Cheese takes up about 1/10 the volume of the milk from which it was made.
  • A giant wheel of Cheddar cheese was given to Queen Victoria (1837-1901) for a wedding gift. It weighed over 1,000 pounds. A normal Cheddar wheel weighs 60-75 pounds.
Cheesy Joke
Department of Chemistry & Physics
Received New Equipment
Two Tel-Atomic Speed of Light Kits
The transmitter contains a high intensity LED pulsed at 1MHz and provides a synchronisation pulse to the “ext.sync” sockets of the oscilloscope. The light pulse travels are displayed as ‘Y1’ on the oscilloscope. The light pulses travel to the receiver, where the signal is displayed as ‘Y2’. The experiment is performed twice-once with the transmitter and receiver directly aligned 1 meter apart and the second time with the pulses traveling across the laboratory to the mirror and being reflected back. RSpec Explorer is an educational tool which makes it possible for an entire class or lecture hall to study atomic emission spectra.
Ultraviolet/Visible Spectrophometer (UV-VIS)
Ultraviolet/Visible Spectrophotometer (UV-VIS) is routinely used in analytical chemistry for the quantitative determination of different analytes.
Agilent representative setting up the Ultraviolet/Visible Spectrophotometer (UV-VIS) (top, left) and Biochemistry TA Shelby Phelps instructing WT students on the proper use of the equipment (middle and bottom). Photo taken on March 23, 2020.
WT & 4-H
Dr. Kevin Williams, Associate Professor of Agricultural Education
"WT is proud to celebrate National 4-H Week and is very thankful for the opportunities 4-H provides. From our students to our partnerships, 4-H makes the Department of Agricultural Sciences a better place. The life skills that 4-H embeds in its members make them well prepared to succeed in college, as well as within their chosen careers."

Bailee Wright, 4-H Youth Development Specialist WT Alumna
"Not only are the District 1 Extension Agents always excited to go to WTAMU for a contest, but so are our 4-H members and their families. Having the WTAMU faculty & students help organize and conduct so many of our district 4-H contests is an invaluable resource. We see the effects in the quality of those contests and in the growth of youth participation in those contests.We are so thankful that WTAMU Department of Agricultural Sciences always goes above and beyond to serve the youth of District 1 4-H."

Dr. Brandon Dukes, District Extension Administrator WT Alumni (Ph.D. & M.S.)
"Nearly 50% of our county extension agents in District 1 have at least one degree from the WTAMU Department of Agricultural Sciences. The education they received prepared them to make an impact in the lives of 4-H members across the
Texas Panhandle."
WT Horse Judging Team Wins
Collegiate World Championship
West Texas A&M University took top honors at the American Paint Horse Association Collegiate World Championship Horse Judging contest. The University’s teams ranked No. 1 and No. 4 overall in the competition, held Sept. 23 in Fort Worth. 
In individual placings, Elena Chapa, JR. Nursing major from Maple Park, Ill., placed first in all four categories. Josh Worten, JR. Pre-Veterinary major from Lake Butler, Fla., placed fourth overall, second in halter and reasons, and sixth in performance.
Other individual rankings included: Reilly Dhaliwal, JR. Agribusiness-Equine major from Boulder, Colo.: ninth in performance; Mollie Green, SR. Animal Science major from Broadview Heights, Ohio: seventh in performance and 11th overall;
Hannah McLochlin, JR Agricultural Media & Communications major from Plymouth, Ind.: second in performance, sixth in reasons and seventh overall;
Lacy Petty, JR. Agricultural Media &Communications major from Adrian: 10th overall; Taylor Scheulen, Agribusiness-Equine major from Linn, Mo.: seventh in reasons. The team also included Sierra Stammen, JR. Agribusiness-Equine major from Allen. Assistant coaches are Maggie Murphy and Baily Summers.
The horse judging team next will compete in Reining and American Quarter Horse Association contests Nov. 7 and 9, respectively, at the AQHA World Championships in Oklahoma City. See the Story
Professors Awarded Grants
Dr. Lal Almas
Associate Dean and Regents Professor of Agricultural Business and Economics
Dr. Bridget Guerrero
Associate Professor of Agricultural
Business and Economics
Dr. Joy Sukcharoen,
Assistant Professor of
Agricultural Business and Economics
Dr. Craig Bednarz
Associate Professor and Director of the Semi-arid Agricultural Systems Institute
Drs. Almas, Guerrero, and Bednarz have successfully secured grant funding of $214,400 from the USDA-ARS Ogallala Aquifer Program (OAP), under the new Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement titled “Precipitation and Irrigation Management to Optimize Profits from Crop Production” and “Cotton Production in Thermo-limited Regions.”
The Ogallala Aquifer Program is a consortium of the USDA Agricultural Research Service, Kansas State University, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Texas Tech University, and
West Texas A&M University.
Drs. Almas, Guerrero, and Sukcharoen have secured grant funding of $200,000 from USDA-NIFA Farm Business Management and Benchmarking (FBMB) Competitive Grants Program for their research project titled “Texas Farm Business Management and Benchmarking Education and Outreach Alliance.” The research endeavor is a collaboration between Texas A&M University – Commerce and West Texas A&M University and is the first time that two institutions from the state of Texas have been successful in securing funds under this program.
 NSF Leadership Workshop and Career Softskills Workshop Available Online
The Leadership Workshop can be particularly helpful for students interested in assuming a leadership role in a student organization or any other organization that they are involved in. The Career Softskills Workshop will provide you with the skills needed to be successful at your current job and once you graduate.

Enrollment for Fall 2020 semester online workshops will be open from October 5th until November 2nd Sign up here
“Some men see things as they are and ask why.
Others dream things that never were and ask why not.”
~George Bernard Shaw