March 29, 2021
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Spring Semester Countdown!
"...With the end of the spring semester only 6 weeks away, A&M system members should continue to follow system guidance, “Guidance for Spring Semester of 2021 and Related Issues” issued in October 2020 on testing, face coverings, classes, physical distancing, occupancy limitations,
co-curricular activities, among other matters..."
  • 4/1 Graduate Students 8:00AM
  • 4/5 Seniors 8:00AM
  • 4/8 Juniors 8:00AM
  • 4/12 Sophomores 8:00AM
  • 4/19 Freshmen 8:00AM
Introducing the new
Rogers LEAD WT Scholars!
The Dyke and Terry Rogers LEAD WT (Leadership Education And Development) 
Program was created to challenge high achieving students to further develop their leadership potential. 
Congratulations to these hard-working students for representing the
Paul Engler College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences!
Erin Arias, JR. Animal Science
Wesley Browne, SOPH. Animal Science
Jake Day, SOPH. Wildlife Biology
Quinn Dunham, SOPH. Ag. Media & Communication
Kaycee Ellenberger, SOPH. Animal Science
Ambri Harrigal, JR. Animal Science
Jillian Melendez, SOPH. Equine Industry & Business
Karen Tapia, SOPH. Animal Science
Holly Thomas, SOPH. Animal Science
When the Lightbulb Comes On
Jared Zang, 2020 Alumnus B.S. Biotechnology recently got accepted into University College Dublin, the largest in Ireland with more than 33,000 students and ranked as the top university in the country by U.S. News and World Report.
Jared will pursue his master of science in biological and biomolecular science, focusing on genetic cell biology.“ Dr. Nabarun Ghosh, professor of Biology said: “’Hungry’ is a good term I would use...He’s really a smart student. The best part is his sincerity. If he tells me he’ll be here at 1 o’clock, he’s here five minutes early.”
Congratulations, Jared! Read the full story here.
Equestrian Team Results
Severe Weather Season is Nearing!
Tips and Information provided by:
Dr. Erik Crosman, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
EF2 Tornado Passed just South and East of WTAMU

On the afternoon of Saturday, 13 March, a large EF2 (estimated winds >115 mph) wedge tornado more than a half-mile wide formed about 4 miles west of Happy, Texas and moved rapidly northeast toward the western portion of Palo Duro State Park. 

The National Weather Service severe storm reports: (from indicated that the main tornado had a path length of ~17 miles.
Frightening video of the tornado can be seen on twitter under the hashtag #TXwx
Damage was limited by the low population density in the areas affected by the 6 tornadoes Saturday, and thankfully no injuries have been reported:
As severe weather season gets underway on the Texas Panhandle, review the earlier email sent out by WTAMU about safe locations to go on campus:

Accessible basement facilities are available in the following buildings during regular business and class hours.
  • Virgil Henson Activities Center
  • Natural Sciences Building
  • Hasting Electronic Learning Center (interior hallways and rooms)
  • WTAMU Bookstore located in the Jack B. Kelley Student Center
  • Jack B. Kelley Student Center
  • Old Main (1st floor away from outside doors and windows)

Get signed up for the Buff Alerts and take them seriously when you get them!

More tornado safely tips can be found
•   Attend GTA training sessions.
•   Attend a graduate teaching assistant/departmental advisor meeting at least 5 days before each academic semester begins. The meeting time for the upcoming Fall Semester will be announced.
•   Meet on a regular basis with the departmental GTA Advisor
•   Assist in 5 laboratories selected from Biology 1406,1407, 1408 or 1409 labs; or assist in 4 laboratories plus one unit of lab preparation for 1 lab course during Spring and Fall Semesters of the academic year.
•    Possibly assist and prep two summer session laboratories selected from Biology 1406 and/or 1407.
•   Maintain regular office hours, giving assistance to students when needed.
•   Enroll in and maintain at least 6 hours of graduate course work each regular semester.
•   Foster an atmosphere of learning and academic success at all times while employed.
•   Exhibit professional behavior and appearance while employed.
•   Complete employee training courses as required of Texas A&M System employees, including a laboratory safety training course.
•   Maintain a clean and safe laboratory.
If you have any questions please contact:
Dr. W. David Sissom at or
Ms. RoseAnne Platt at (806) 651-2570
“Do what you feel in your heart to be right-
for you’ll be criticized anyway.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt