April 5, 2021
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Spring Semester Countdown!
"...With the end of the spring semester only 4 weeks away, A&M system members should continue to follow system guidance, “Guidance for Spring Semester of 2021 and Related Issues” issued in October 2020 on testing, face coverings, classes, physical distancing, occupancy limitations,
co-curricular activities, among other matters..."
  • Graduate Students
  • 4/5 Seniors 8:00AM
  • 4/8 Juniors 8:00AM
  • 4/12 Sophomores 8:00AM
  • 4/19 Freshmen 8:00AM
Stress vs. Anxiety:
How to Tell the Difference
Stress and anxiety are part of the same bodily reaction and have similar symptoms. That means it can be hard to tell them apart.
Stress tends to be short term and in response to a recognized threat. Anxiety can linger and can sometimes seem as if nothing is triggering it.Stress and anxiety are perfectly normal human reactions to threatening or worrying situations. They are part of the fight or flight response that keeps us safe by preparing the body to deal with danger.Stress is the body’s reaction to a threat, whereas anxiety is the body’s reaction to the stress.People can manage their stress and anxiety with relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises, physical activity, and talking about their worries. Sometimes, stress and anxiety can overwhelm people. When this happens, it can lead to chronic stress or an anxiety disorder. Anyone who finds stress or anxiety is interfering with their everyday life may wish to speak to a doctor.
Treatment and Management
Relaxation strategies can help people to cope with stress and anxiety. They include: breathing exercises, focusing on a soothing word, such as ‘peace’ or ‘calm’,visualizing a tranquil scene, or simply slowly counting to 10.
Exercise, physical activity can help people to combat stressful situations. This might be a brisk walk, a cycle, or a run. The fluid movements of activities such as yoga can also help people to feel calm. Talking about it, talking about their worries, whether face-to-face, over the phone, or via the internet, can help people to ease stress. People might choose to chat with a friend, partner, family member, or co-worker if it is someone they trust.
Tips and Information provided by: Medical News Today, courtesy of WTAMU Student Counseling Services
WT Travels to Rodeo Austin
Barrow Show
Each year, the Department of Agricultural Sciences takes students to the Rodeo Austin Barrow Show. This year, March 16-20th, the department took 19 undergraduates, four graduate students, and three faculty members. These students help unload pig trailers, set-up the show ring, and work the entire barrow show. This is a great recruitment opportunity, as there are approximately 700 exhibitors at the Rodeo Austin Barrow Show. In recognition of hard work during the Rodeo Austin Barrow Show, two $16,000 scholarships are awarded to outstanding incoming freshman at WT on behalf of Rodeo Austin.
WT Rodeo looking ahead to
National Finals
West Texas A&M is thrilled to be back in the saddle, and looking to land a spot in the College National Finals. Watch the News Channel 10 feature here.
Natural Sciences Building (NSB) Update!
Construction is still underway in the NSB. Pictured is room 221,
which will be a Cellular Biology and Biochemistry laboratory!
If you are a student interested in taking a Friday tour of the construction in the NSB, please reply to this email buffbrief@wtamu.edu and let us know!
Applications are open for new
WT Herdsmen!
For questions and an application please contact:
Mr. Logan Burleson at lburleson@wtamu.edu
“Life is ten percent what you experience and
ninety percent how you respond to it.”
~Dorothy M. Neddermeyer