Vol 1, Issue 1 October 2022
Our inaugural issue! This is the first of, well, we hope, many more brief newsletters to come. There are so many good things happening in Buffalo Gap that we’d like to take time periodically to tell you about them. We’ll keep each item short – nobody has time to read anymore! – but you can always reach out if you want more details about anything.

Happy skimming!
Texas Country Reporter in Buffalo Gap!
Here’s another first: a fundraiser dinner for the Chamber, so we can continue and expand the good programs and activities in Buffalo Gap. And what a great dinner this will be!

Bob and Kelli Phillips are coming to share stories and offer tips on the ongoing significance of rural communities in Texas. The Texas Country Reporter is celebrating 50 years on the road and will share stories of the oddball characters they have met along with thought-provoking artists and everyday heroes. Called “Preservation & Progress” and featuring a scrumptious buffet by Perini Ranch Steakhouse, you won’t want to miss this one.

We expect a sell-out crowd, so reserve your seats now. Click below for all the details and to get tickets.
Singing the Unsung
And speaking of everyday heroes, we’d like to salute our own. Unsung heroes are all around us. The random stranger who stops to change our flat tire on the highway. The next-door neighbor who takes care of our kids at midnight while we deal with a family crisis. Sometimes the unsung heroes are incredibly brave - like the volunteers in the Mesquite Heat Fire who risked their lives to save our property. Or who are incredibly generous with their time - like the group of friends who clean up neighborhood for shut-ins during their time off work. Who are your unsung heroes? 

We’d like to recognize them at our Preservation & Progress dinner, as they certainly help make both happen in Buffalo Gap. Send us your nomination by November 4 by clicking the Nominate button now.
"I Didn't Know That"
That seems to be a common comment from the community in reaction to the reader board in front of City Hall. Yes, the Chamber is managing that for the city now, including refurbishing, lighting, getting new letters, and creating the weekly messages to help let the community-at-large know what’s going on around us. Of course, there’s only so much you can say in a few words, so we’re also trying to promote the Chamber Facebook page which has more details about most of these events.
A special shout-out to James Myers of the Presbyterian Encampment for posting virtually all of the messages lately. It’s pretty time-consuming to put those letters up, one at a time, and we appreciate him for keeping the information fresh. Thanks, James!

If you have news to share, be sure to let us know. If we can't get it on the reader board, perhaps we can spread the in our next newsletter or on Facebook.
We hope you enjoyed this brief update. We have much more to share -- coming soon!