Vol 1, Issue 3 : December 2022
Merry Christmas!!
Winter Wonderland in Buffalo Gap
More than 300 happy holiday-ers enjoyed the Old Settlers Christmas celebration hosted by the Buffalo Gap Chamber of Commerce. And that's not counting Santa and the Grinch!
Big thanks to Kelli Humphries, Marla Schooley, James Myers, and Rhonda Moore for making this magic happen. Also heartfelt thanks to presenting sponsor Buffalo Gap I&E and our other event supporters: Bar Nothing LCOT, Buffalo Gap Church of Christ, Buffalo Gap Hardware & Supply, Cedar Gap Wealth Management, Copa at the Gap, Jim Ned Jazz Band and Elementary Choir, Loco Buffalo, Lonestar Landscaping, Moore Property Group, Perini Ranch Steakhouse, Schooley Saddlery, Security State Bank, and countless volunteers!
Teach the Gap
Tom Perini was the first guest "teacher" in the Chamber's "Teach the Gap" program at Buffalo Gap Elementary. Assisted by Chamber members Cody Cox and Trish Dressen, Tom explained how Buffalo Gap got its name to third and fourth graders -- and probably learned a thing or two from them, as well! The program was made possible by a grant from the Dian Graves Owen Foundation.
Future lessons will include how Buffalo Gap fits into Taylor County, and how city and counties are organized. A huge note of thanks to Stefanie Easterling for her wise counsel and contribution to the curriculum and to Lisa Perini for organizing this program!
Enjoy the holidays!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday at this time of year, we wish you and your family the very best. See you next year!
Happy Holidays to all the members and friends of the Buffalo Gap Chamber!