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UDO Comments due by July 11  


Since Mayor Brown released the public review draft of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) on May 3, more than 400 citizens have participated in nine UDO workshops, as well as 20 neighborhood and focus group meetings to address specific topic areas of the UDO. Overall the response has been very positive and we have received some great input about improvements to the UDO. Now staff at the Mayor's Office of Strategic Planning are hard at work synthesizing the comments received so that revisions can be made before an initial submission of the UDO to the Buffalo Common Council in mid-July. 


The version of the UDO submitted in July will not be the final version considered by Council, however, we are aiming to make it as near to final as possible. Therefore, we want to hear from you by July 11 so that your comments can be considered for the initial draft of the UDO submitted to the Buffalo Common Council.


Please submit written comments to by July 11 in order for them to be considered for the initial submission to Buffalo Common Council.


Throughout the remainder of July and August, the Mayor's Office of Strategic Planning will continue to collect public comment for the final version of the UDO to be submitted to the Buffalo Common Council. If you are interested in arranging a meeting for yourself or your group, please email us at or call (716) 851-4769.


Thank you for your continued interest and participation as the Buffalo Green Code process continues to move forward!