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Buffalo Green Code Working Group Sessions 


Last week, Mayor Brown released the Draft Unified Development Ordinance, which is now available on the Buffalo Green Code Website for review.


As a follow up to the Draft UDO release, the Mayor's Office of Strategic Planning will conduct a series of working group sessions to review the different sections of the draft ordinance. These sessions start next week and will include the following topics:


  • Land Uses
  • Code Administration
  • Neighborhood Zones
  • Employment Districts
  • Site Development
  • Transportation/Access & Parking
  • Environment
  • Signs


We invite you and your neighbors to participate in this process as we review the updated draft of the UDO.

For more information or to sign up to participate, please go online to the Buffalo Green Code website.


In addition, you may contact Nancy Perscio from the Mayor's Office of Strategic Planning at 851-4769 or to register for the sessions or with any additional questions.