Bugle Calls
Issue No. 1033
September 2016
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As a marketer, where do we draw the line between accessing valuable information regarding consumer spending and media consumption while protecting consumers' right to privacy? Some would say the line has already been drawn for us by Google, Facebook and others.

Our September issue of "Bugle Calls" will focus on the increased usage of web tracking software by large and not so large websites and why this is an issue that will have significant impact on consumer privacy and spending.

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Why Web Tracking Software is a Double Edged Sword
By Bob Bugle
Bob Bugle-B-1001If you've ever shopped online for anything from Amazon, Loews, Macy's, Target or any other major website offering e commerce, you've probably noticed that you continue to see ads for that same product for weeks afterward on websites that have nothing to do with shopping.


They really are watching you: web tracking surges with online ads
by  Elizabeth Weise, USATODAY
SAN FRANCISCO- You're not paranoid, you really are being followed more online.

A study that looked at web tracking over the last 20 years found that at least 75% of the world's 500 most popular websites contain web trackers, up from fewer than 5% in 1998.

"The number of trackers have increased, the ability of the top trackers to track you across sites has increased and the complexity of the trackers has increased," said Adam Lerner, a security and privacy researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle and one of the study designers.

Google is tracking you. [Privacy Alert]
Google is tracking you, Privacy Alert - See How Much!
Google is tracking you,  But How Much?

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