Bugle Calls
Issue No. 1028
October 2015
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In organizations large and small, making the right hiring decision is critical, and finding qualified candidates for many positions is an ongoing struggle. But just because a candidate has the required experience and skill set to perform the functions required at a high level doesn't necessarily mean they'll be a good fit, especially when it comes to faith-based and nonprofit organizations.

Even worse than having an open position, making the wrong hire can lead to a negative impact on morale, lost productivity and eventually having to part company, thereby starting the process all over again.

In the October issue of Bugle Calls, we're focusing on "Tips for Effective Hiring". We've selected content that's reasonably fast to read along with a short video we feel offers terrific value in this all important area.  We hope you or someone in your organization will be able to put it to good use!
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From the Wall Street Journal:
Now Hiring? Tips for Conducting Interviews

By Lauren Weber
It's not always a candidate's fault when a job interview goes south.

Hiring managers can commit a litany of sins, such as interrupting interviews to answer phone calls, failing to take notes, acting bored or distracted, bad-mouthing their own companies, bullying applicants, or asking "gotcha" questions for no reason at all, say human-resources consultants. The cost of  poor interviews ranges from bad hires to alienated job applicants. At worst, untrained hiring managers can open their employers to lawsuits by asking questions deemed illegal by federal nondiscrimination standards.

Interview Techniques For Effective Hiring 
This months selected video presentation
Rebecca Wallace shares effective interviewing techniques for those wanting to recruit the best candidates.

9 Recruiting and Selection Tips to Ensure Successful Hiring
Hire for Today's Need and Tomorrow's Vision 

Remember that you're hiring for the future. While a new employee has to make economic sense for today's tasks, the best hires are people who position you to profit as your business moves into the future. New people should provide the skills you need in the future, not just match the job demands you see today.

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5 Tips for Effective Hiring
From our good friends at SCORE
  Here's five quick and easy to remember tips! 

1. Hire slowly. Be willing to invest time and energy in your hiring decisions.

2. Be clear in your own mind what the job requires and measure candidates'  qualifications against the requirements of the job.

3. Consider how well a candidate will fit in with your corporate culture. Are her attitudes compatible? Is he cooperative?

4. Narrow the pool to serious candidates. Ways of weeding out non-contenders include announcing that drug testing is required of all new employees or asking applicants to write a brief essay on why they want the job.

5. Do brief phone interviews with 8 or 10 top candidates to reduce the pool further. Then do longer in-person interviews with two or three finalists.

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