Bugle Calls
Issue No. 1027
September 2015
Bob Bugle-B-1001There's an old saying that opinions are like noses, everyone has one. Never has that "truism" been truer than when discussing what makes, or doesn't make, an effective supervisor. Skills and attributes that are important to one person are fairly inconsequential to another. But while we can debate the order of importance, the facts are that if we can't identify what makes a great boss, how do we know if we're working for one? If we're in management, how are we ever going to become one?

Our topic for the September issue of Bugle Calls is "Top 15 Attributes and Practices that make a REALLY Great Boss". If you feel we're missing any, please let us know and we'll be glad to do a follow up listing our reader's Top 10 or 15 in a future issue.
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Top 15 Attributes and Practices that make a REALLY Great Boss!
by Bob Bugle
Bob Bugle-B-1001 With rare exception, no matter what position we hold in a company or organization, we all report to someone. That someone directly affects what job function(s) we perform, and often impacts how well we perform them via the training, coaching and tools they provide.

Top companies hire the best managers and provide them with the best tools and training available so that they in turn can provide them for their employees.
Help Motivate Employees with these Ten Tips
by Srikumar Rao
It doesn't matter whether you are running a company, a division or a department. If the people who report to you and whose performance you manage are dispirited and employee motivation is low, employee performance will be poor and you will get the blame. And here is the bad news: Employee disengagement is at an all time high.

"Bob, You are so right. Thanks for sending the information.  
You should send it to every publication. I appreciate your knowledge and experience.
Patricia Mulrooney
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