Bugle Calls
Issue No. 1019
January 2015

Bob Bugle-B-1001 As we begin 2015, most of us start the year with resolutions and all of the good will that is required to accomplish them.  For many of us however, by the end of January fruits and vegetables begin to disappear from our shopping lists, new or renewed health club memberships are used less and less and we settle in to our normal routines.

One resolution we can ill afford to break is our commitment to using sound business principles in our workplace.  Whether you work for or manage a for-profit business, a non-profit service organization including the Catholic Church or other Faith-Based organization, you already understand the importance of the work you and your organization perform. Without a commitment to practicing sound business principles, your organization will sooner or later run out of the resources required in order to fulfill its mission. 


A fundamental requirement in running any business is effective budgeting. What expenses will be necessary in order to accomplish our goals and what resources will we have or need to create in order to accomplish them?  


The January edition of Bugle Calls will focus on Effective Budgeting. Our contributing author is Matt Schiller, Advertising & Business Manager at Catholic New York.  After majoring in communications and non-profit management at St. John's University in New York, Matt Schiller began work in the Catholic Press in 1973 as an advertising account executive for The Tablet newspaper in the Diocese of Brooklyn, NY. Mr. Schiller was named business manager in 1977 and Associate Publisher in 1989. During those years Mr. Schiller served on several Catholic Press Association Committees including elections, directory and advertising. 

In 1993 Mr. Schiller left The Tablet to work for a group of parishes and their Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ.  Duties included marketing, development and business management. 

Mr Schiller joined Catholic New York, diocesan newspaper for the Archdiocese of New York, in 2006 as Advertising and Business Manager and returned to an active role in the Catholic Press Association. 

Best wishes to all for a Healthy and Successful 2015!  

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Budgeting is Our Mission Tool
By Guest Author, Matt Schiller 

Solid budgeting and working within your budget are the best ways to be good stewards of the resources we have to fulfill our mission of communication, evangelization and education. Each new budget should begin with a careful look back over the last 1 to 3 years. What are the trends? Where is there potential savings? Where did your guesstimates not work? What is on your wish list of items that will improve your operations? The budget is the best road-map to reaching your goals for the year. Use it to plan, to better understand your operations, and to review with an eye toward improvements.


Whether you manage a magazine, newspaper, newsletter, website or a few of each, they all share fundamentals of the media business.


On the Expense side there are three basic areas: 


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Budgeting and Business Planning
From Info-entrepreneurs

Once your business is operational, it's essential to plan and tightly manage its financial performance. Creating a budgeting process is the most effective way to keep your business - and its finances - on track.


This guide outlines the advantages of business planning and budgeting and explains how to go about it. It suggests action points to help you manage your business' financial position more effectively and ensure your plans are practical. 

Budget Humor
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 labeled "unknown" has got to go.

Credit: SmallBizTrends
8 Budgeting Tips for Your Business 
By Gene Siciliano,  AllBusiness.com
business-presentation.jpg Most companies don't use budgets to help them meet profit goals. Why? Because most owners and chief executive officers reason that the effort required to learn how to build and use workable budgets is just too much. They seem to feel that learning how to budget is more frustrating than just hoping the numbers will all work out -- if they only sell enough widgets, services, or whatever.

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