Bugle Calls
Issue No. 1025
July 2015

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When asked 'What is your most important product'?, many managers and salespeople will answer (a) a product or service they sell, (b) the company they work for, or (c) something abstract like ideas, results, innovation etc.


The reality is, however, whether you work in sales, management, IT, support or any other position with any company or organization, your most important product is YOU!


Your knowledge, industry and life experience, work ethic, integrity, enthusiasm; everything you bring to the table is irreplaceable. Others may possess more product knowledge or industry experience than you do, but nobody else offers everything you offer because no one else is you!


In a world that tends to commoditize everything, including people, it is more important than ever to make sure you clearly establish the distinctive differential that is you so that your company, your clients and your competitors understand and appreciate what you know and do.


Our main topic for July is "LinkedIn and the importance of Branding Ourselves".


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LinkedIn and the importance of Branding Ourselves
by Bob Bugle

Bob Bugle-B-1001 As we detailed in a previous edition of Bugle Calls, the overwhelming majority of the communication between people has nothing to do with content. 70% of what we convey to each other is nonverbal (appearance, body language, facial expression, eye movement). 20-23% of communication is tonal (volume, pitch, and pace of speech). Only 7-10% of communication is content. As a result, people are "hard wired" to communicate face to face.


Your Digital Stamp, Your Digital Legacy
Erik Qualman, A Digital Video Poem Produced by Pulitzer Prize nominated author Erik Qualman.


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